Troubleshoot Tuesday: Heartbleed leads to Sabai Technology VPN Accelerator patch

So last week a damaging vulnerability came to light: Heartbleed. While companies are picking up the pieces and patching holes, here at Sabai Technology we wanted to take our own precautions. We conducted testing on both the router and the Accelerator, and found that neither would respond to what is considered a “heartbeat.” If either device had responded to a heartbeat it would have been considered vulnerable. Either way, to take the precautions necessary to be a company focused on security and our customers, we have put together a patch for our VPN Accelerator as it is running the version of OpenSSL that was vulnerable for anything that responded to a heartbeat.


Patching your Accelerator

  1. Log into the Accelerator at
  2. Go to Diagnostics, then System acc1
  3. Paste this into the box below:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get -f install

    sudo apt-get install openssl openvpn libssl1.0.0 --assume-yes

    sudo reboot


  4. Execute the command. It will probably spin for a few minutes. Do not panic, this is normal.

When the command is done, you will see lots of lines of text and it should look like this down at the bottom. Don’t worry if you don’t know what it means (not everyone is as tech savvy as our developers). We’ve verified that this works and will get you the updates you need to always stay protected! acc2

For those needing a little more background information, check out these resources!

And as always, if you have questions, we’re available at!

Sabai Technology Customers Data Remains Secured From Heartbleed Bug

heartbleed3.pngWeb Site Account Best Practices in the Wake of “Heartbleed”.

When selecting your “Secret Question” choose answers that are not easily available to someone else.

  • Example: If your Secret Question is “What high school did you go to,” It is not recommended that you use the high school you attended if it is posted on your Facebook page. Others will be able to obtain this public information and answer your security question. A secure way to do this would be to use a high school you can remember (e.g., a rival high school, the name of your school district, a high school where you wanted to attend, or your current child’s high school).

Tips for creating a secure password:

Passwords are the first line of defense to access your Sabai Technology account.

We recommend you:

  • Include special characters [/.!@# ect.. ].
  • Numerical characters.
  • Mix capital and lowercase letters.
  • Include similar looking substitutions, such as the number zero for the letter ‘O’ or ‘$’ for the letter ‘S’.
  • Create a unique acronym-based passphrase, such as Everything Is Going To Be Okay becomes “E1GtB0” or the first letter of each word from a verse of a song, such as, “The Stars at night are shining bright,” becomes “Ts@nasb”..
  • Include phonetic replacements, such as ‘Luv 2 Laf’ for ‘Love to Laugh’.

Things to avoid:

  • Do not use words or acronyms that can be found in a dictionary
  • Do not use a password that contains personal information (name, birth date, etc.).
  • Do not use keyboard patterns (asdf) or sequential numbers (1234).
  • Do not make your password all numbers, uppercase letters or lowercase letters.
  • Do not use repeating characters (aa11).

Tips for keeping your password secure:

  • Never tell your password to anyone (this includes significant others, roommates, parents, etc.).
  • Never write your password down, unless you plan to place it in secure location (Safe Deposit Box).
  • Never send your password by email.
  • Change your password on a recurring basis (Minimum every year, recommended every 90 days).
  • Use a password locker (PWSafe, KeePass, Last Pass, etc.).

Four days ago, a major security vulnerability affecting a popular encryption standard (SSL) was disclosed to the public. This vulnerability, nicknamed “Heartbleed,” put personal data at risk. Read more about its implications here.

What you need to know:

  • Sabai Technology takes security extremely seriously. A thorough investigation by our development team concludes that Sabai customer data was never at risk, as we never supported the SSL version vulnerable to Heartbleed on our website. Our findings have been verified through a third-party test (Qualys SSL Labs).

What actions you should take:

  • While Sabai customer data has not been exposed, we cannot vouch for the accounts you have linked to your Sabai VPN Router.

You should only change your passwords to these accounts after you have been explicitly instructed to do so (and given new certificates), giving your account providers time to implement the fix.

  • If you use your Sabai password at other sites in addition to Sabai Technology, we advise you to reset your Sabai password immediately.

People connecting to the router’s web interface through HTTPS either remotely or through an unsecured wireless network are vulnerable to the Heartbleed exploit and will need to contact us for an update and will need to secure their wireless network

To determine if you use HTTPS:

Go to Administration>Admin Access is the path


At Sabai Technology we understand the importance of security and keeping our customers informed.  If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team at

IPVanish Users are Secure from Heartbleed Exploit

imgresIf you’re not already aware, an OpenSSL bug named “Heartbleed” has been identified that potentially exposes data being passed over the OpenSSL encryption protocol using TLS extension 15. This means that a malicious 3rd party attacker, with the right tools and knowledge, has the ability to exploit this bug and intercept private data being passed over any server using OpenSSL via TLS extension 15.

Please be aware that IPVanish does not support the TLS extension15 and all IPVanish users are not affected by this bug. IPVanish users are safe!

If you’d like to test IPVanish over OpenVPN, you can use a public tool like confirm that IPVanish is not vulnerable to Heartbleed. Simply enter the IPVanish server name that you’re using to run your test and review the results.

Troubleshoot Tuesday: We can fix that! Sabai Freedom Edition!


Before March 21st, our Sabai Technology VPN Router customers knew they had 90 days of automatic Technical Support if they needed help setting up the router. What happens if you do not receive the router for 60 days because you’re in the military, or your family had to keep it in the states until they came to visit? You could set up your router without help from anyone on our team, then all of a sudden your VPN is super slow or not working at all.

New customers can be assured that their complimentary 90 days of Sabai Freedom begins the moment they register. We are including cards in all packages that direct customers to a website where they can register and begin using their 90 days of Sabai Freedom. It also allows us to keep up with customers that have possibly purchased from other companies. This way, we can make sure you’re getting the help you need.

The initial Sabai Freedom that comes with your router allows for 90 days of one on one Technical Support. No more waiting on the phone for someone to talk you through the process. Ruth or Hannah can remote into your computer and get to the bottom of whatever issue without you having to touch the mouse. It also includes FREE firmware upgrades during your 90 day trial. (Hint hint, we have a surprise soon!) Our long term customers know the value of Sabai Freedom after the initial 90 days is completely worth it, especially for those less technically savvy. Click here to read the reviews for yourself. Everything you get for 90 days in the beginning, you’ll have for a year, and trust us, A LOT can change in one year. Plus, Sabai Freedom will cover your router and your Accelerator, or two routers if you have them. We’ll upgrade both and support both without any issues.

DD-WRT is long gone from being our choice of firmware for our routers, due to the lack of user friendliness. What William started back in 2010 has grown tremendously over the years. That isn’t to say that some customers aren’t still using DD-WRT on their Sabai Technology VPN Router. Over the years changes have been made to make sure we make your VPN experience as user friendly as possible. That’s why we always recommend our customers upgrade their routers to our newest firmware version. We wouldn’t upgrade it if we didn’t think the pros outweighed the cons! Plus, who wants to have to solve all of their problems over email or phone? You’re busy enough, wouldn’t you rather just have us fix the problem for you (not to brag, but we’re really good at this). We can make sure you get the time you deserve to get all of your issues solved and all of your devices connected.

Once again, we have a surprise coming up soon, and we don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we think it’s going to be pretty nice. Some of you have been waiting for an update to fix QOS graphs, and port forwarding issues, among other things. Oh, did we mention that we may have a surprise for our customers with Accelerators? Don’t miss out on all the benefits from a Sabai Freedom purchase and we hope to see you on our Technical Support calendar really soon.

Troubleshoot Tuesday: Protecting your Precious Devices

When William (our ever so popular and fearless leader at Sabai Technology), was in Thailand for a Mission Trip, the power surges were terrible on devices.  It didn’t take much to fry a router, a computer, or any other device you can imagine needing in a country where you need access to American content.  In fact, just recently, a customer’s VPN Accelerator died after just a short period of time due to what we believe was a power surge that fried the device.  That is not a very cheap device to lose and is extremely important in cases of low speed.  So, how do you prevent that from happening?  We have two major suggestions.

Surge Protector

Surge protectors are like your everyday power strip, but better.  They not only allow you to plug up all of your devices where you could normally only attach one, but they also protect your devices from any voltage they don’t need.  Surge protectors limit the amount of voltage allowed to your devices by blocking the additional or by routing the extra voltage into the ground.  They’re a relatively inexpensive solution for protecting your devices and can be found at most local stores in the electronics departments.  Just make sure the next power strip you purchase does say that it is a surge protector as well.  If you are more interested in a little more of a full house protector, you could also look into a surge protection device, which can be installed in your electrical panel.

Uninterrupted Power Supply 

Uninterrupted power supplies are a good idea for places where power outages and power surges are frequent, such as Thailand.  These devices are charged through a normal wall socket, but if the power goes out they have a backup battery that can at least run your devices for a few minutes with some allowing for devices to continue to stay functional for long periods of time where the power may be off.  While more expensive than a typical surge protector, getting a UPS will absolutely be the better bet for those customers who have important information to save or are tired of having to set up their router from scratch again every time the power goes out for even more than just  a few seconds.

Each of these are easily found within your local large chain stores, although getting an UPS may require you to venture into your local computer store.  We  completely recommend these devices because after all, who wants to risk losing their important information or their expensive devices?  What are you using for your router?  Do you have a special setup that protects all of your devices from not only intruders, but also power outages/surges?  We’d love to hear about it so we  can test them out here in our office!  Let us know at!

Troubleshoot Tuesday: VyprVPN’s Quick and Easy OpenVPN

Okay! It’s week 5. This is our last week of OpenVPN instructions for now. As soon as we have more companies on board, we’ll have more companies to post for you. Just in case you’re getting a little bored of these post, next week we’ll have a little some extra info about Roku, with an addition about a new product they’re coming out with, as well as some more informative blog posts about making sure your router does not get fried in a power outage. For now though, let’s have a look at VyprVPN’s OpenVPN paired with a Sabai Technology VPN Router, which we think is a pretty perfect combination!

VyprVPN is one of those companies our customers had been waiting on for what seemed like forever. FINALLY we were able to get everything up and running and they’re now an Official Affiliate. Plus, they offer a 3 day trial that way if you’re looking for a new VPN company, you can set them up on the router and test them before you fully commit. 

Getting your OpenVPN files:

1. Go to Click on Download all configuration files and extract to a place where the file can be easily found later.

Starting the OpenVPN:

  1. Click on Network and OpenVPN. Click Choose File, find the folder that you extracted and choose the location you want to connect for VPN.
  2. Now click Choose File again and find the requested file name in the list of extracted files.
  3. Click Show File / Edit and enter your account username and VPN password. Click DONE, SAVE, START to start the VPN Service.

Getting the files is the easy step! It’s setting it all up that can be a little more difficult! We’re hopeful that our new instructions going out to all new customers, and the new instructions posted on our blog are making setting up the VPN so much easier for even our beginner customers. Confused? Needing help getting the VPN going or looking for a new VPN company to test out? Reach out to us at!

Customer Spotlight: License to Stream

An American expat living in China, Danny wanted to stream and enjoy American internet but couldn’t due to geo-location restrictions and speed limitations. China is well known for censoring their internet, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to relax after a long day and stream your favorite Bond movie on Netflix. Speed limitations in addition to content restrictions has to be the ultimate relaxation repellent. Gamers know just how important speed can be, especially if you are trying to crush your trash-talking buddy back home into utter submission.

Danny found Sabai Technology through StrongVPN’s website and contacted our technical support team to see what solution we would suggest to resolve his geo-location restrictions and speed limitations. To asses what Danny was currently working with, our tech support guru (Ruth) conducted a speed test. The speed test confirmed that Danny would benefit from using the VPN Accelerator (a Sabai Technology exclusive) along with the Asus N66U VPN Router he was scoping out. After reading the product reviews Danny went with the bundle and purchased the Asus N66U VPN Router featuring Sabai OS along with the VPN Accelerator.

“I like that you can choose to route traffic locally or internationally”, Danny says.  A VPN router runs various devices on your network, including multiple computers and laptops, TV, smart phones, Xbox and anything else that can connect to a router for internet connectivity. Gateways put you in the driver’s seat by allowing you to choose which of your devices connect to local internet and which connect to your VPN account.

Danny says that even though the set up seemed simple enough, he wanted to test drive his complimentary 3 months of Sabai Freedom by scheduling a one-on-one support session to assist him in setting up his new Asus N66U VPN Router and VPN Accelerator. “I can now watch high-def programming from the US in China (I have a 100mb fiber optic line). So whenever I get homesick or it’s been a hard day, I just throw my favorite Bond movie on my iPad and get to crushing my buddy on Xbox Live.” Danny states to attest in the value of his purchase.

Well Danny, From America with Love (apologies Bond lovers but I couldn’t resist), we are so happy you are enjoying your Sabai Technology VPN Router and Accelerator.

If you are looking to easily connect your devices to the content you want, click here to see what Sabai Technology can do for you. Don’t be shy if you have questions, our technical support team, like Mr. Bond, has a licence to kill… technical issues of course.

Troubleshoot Tuesday: VotreVPN and Sabai Technology’s OpenVPN feature

Part 3 of our 5 week OpenVPN setup for companies starts now. This week is VotreVPN. Based in France, they’re a small company allowing customers all over the world to access their French content. Make sure you can read French or have a translator on your browser, as the whole website is in French! Since December of 2012, 2242 accounts have been made. While only a small amount of those may be using a Sabai Technology VPN router, we’re hopeful that more customers will see the joy in the combination of VotreVPN’s OpenVPN paired with a Sabai Technology VPN router.

Getting your OpenVPN files:

  1. Access your account at and click Client Support

  2. OpenVPN Config download. Click on Installation Guides and then on Routers. Find the link to the file and click it. A zip file will download. Please extract this file to a location you can find later. 

Setting up your OpenVPN:

  1. Return to the router control panel at in your web browser
  2. Click on Network and OpenVPN. Click Choose File, find the folder that you extracted and choose the ovpn file.
  3. Router will then ask for the ca.crt file which will be located in the same extracted folder. Click Choose File and then Upload.
  4. Click Show File then Edit and enter your account username and account password, click Done then click Save then click Start. 

Week 3 was easy enough. Most of our official affiliates have made life really easy for customers. Easier for you and easier for us! Still waiting on a company? Send us an email at

Troubleshoot Tuesday: Using 12 VPN with a Sabai Technology VPN Router

For the next 5 weeks, looks like Sabai Technology is providing instructions for our customers! We’re adding new companies left and right and would like to take some time to let out customers know how to set up the OpenVPN within our router. We know it can get a little difficult at times! We’ve already done ton of companies which can be found throughout the blog, or we keep instructions for those companies listed here:

12 VPN is a small company that prides themselves on the options they include for their customers. One HUGE perk for some customers would be that they allow their customers to request custom servers in a location of their choosing. They use a automatic server deployment server to be able to get their customers the server location they would like quickly and efficiently. Could be a big perk especially for our Canadian or Mexican customers, needing a very very close server to the border in order to get the best speeds.

Get your VPN information:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. OpenVPN: Click on Downloads and scroll down to the Routers section. Click on OpenVPN on Sabai Technology and download the server file you wish to use.

Setting up OpenVPN:

  1. Click on the OpenVPN link, click the Choose File button and find the file that you downloaded from 12VPN. Click Show File/Edit and enter your account username and password and then click Done/Save.
  2.  Click Start to start the VPN. Repeat to change server.

Notice anything new about our instructions? We’re trying to make things extremely easy for our customers now which is going to include more pictures and easier to follow steps. Don’t worry customers of ExpressVPN, VotreVPN, VyrpVPN, and seed4me, your instructions are coming up within the next few weeks! Can’t wait until then and wanna take a look at the instructions now or know of a company we should reach out to about a partnership? Let us know at

Troubleshoot Tuesday: Express VPN’s OpenVPN paired with a Sabai Technology VPN Router!

Week 2 in our 5 week Troubleshoot Tuesday: instructions edition. This week we’re going to go over Express VPN.

With a 30 day money back guarantee, a 99% uptime, and a server list including over 50 cities worldwide, we have a lot of customers using Express VPN on their Sabai Technology VPN router. Not only that, but it is extremely simple to set up. Pretty much two steps to get the file, and two steps to start the VPN in the router. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Get your Express VPN OpenVPN file:

  1. Open a browser window and Log into your account at and click Setup My VPN Account.
  2. Click on the Linux & Routers OpenVPN bar and click on the location to which you would like your Sabai router to connect and a file will automatically download to your computer. 

Starting the Express VPN in your Sabai Technology router:

  1. Click on the OpenVPN link, click the Choose File button and find the file you downloaded earlier. Repeat to change server. 
  2. Press start!

Three weeks are left! That leaves us with VotreVPN, VyprVPN, and seed4me. Our whole list of VPN companies can be found here: That isn’t to say we haven’t missed a few though! Have a favorite company that you’re using on one of our routers but they aren’t listed here? Let us know at

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