10 Reasons to Leave dd-wrt Behind

We don’t mean to brag, but, Sabai Technology has developed a pretty fantastic operating system. Little is left of the open source Tomato operating system (OS) that OSv4 was based on. What Sabai does deliver is a continuously improved VPN Router OS that comes pre-installed on your router featuring functionality and ease not available anywhere else. Below are the top reasons we love the Sabai OS over dd-wrt, but, we will let you be the judge. Feel free to add your favorite features in the comments section!

1. Dual Gateway - For a long time, the ability to use both VPN and local internet on one router at the same time was like the holy grail of VPN Routers. Sabai OSv4 introduced dual gateway as a standard feature on all of Sabai’s routers and the VPN community responded with enthusiasm. There is no longer a need for two separate networks on two separate routers and switching back and forth between local and VPN on any device is insanely simple.

2. No More Bricked Routers - Some people will try to convince you that flashing a router with dd-wrt is “easy”. The truth is, for the average user, it is complicated and often ends with a “bricked” router. (As in, it’s about as useful as a brick because it is broken beyond repair.) While dd-wrt is technically freeware, it isn’t truly free if it comes at the cost of replacing your router! Sabai Routers cost a bit more than an off the shelf router (An Asus RT N16 will cost about $95 off the shelf vs. $159.95 with Sabai OS installed and free tech support), because you get the router plus Sabai OS, already installed,a 90 day guarantee and three months of one-on-one “white glove” tech support!

3. Sabai Freedom - Even just a glance at customer reviews will tell you that customers love Sabai. The one-on-one technical support that comes with the first three months of ownership include email, chat, phone and remote-in service. After the initial tech support period, customers have the option of going to free email and chat tech support or purchasing Sabai Freedom. This 12 month technical support package allows the customer to continue one-on-one technical support, including remote-in service, where a Sabai Technical Support representative takes over the mouse to do the hard work for you. All of our technical support comes directly from our Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA office. Sabai Freedom also includes operating system updates.

4. 5-Minute Setup - Who has time to not only figure out how to flash a router but then set advanced options for optimal use on dd-wrt? Sabai Router takes less than 5 minutes to set up and is pre-configured for optimal use with PPTP and Open VPN. Don’t worry, all of the advanced options are there for those users who want a special configuration.

5. Easy Open VPN - If you have ever tried to get Open VPN to work with dd-wrt, you know how difficult it can be. With the Sabai OS, Open VPN is as easy as uploading one file from your VPN provider. The rest is automated.

6. Easy Port Forwarding - This is another dd-wrt option that definitely falls under “advanced”. While many users will never need to use Port Forwarding, Xbox users will likely be familiar with the necessity for it. Your device will tell you if there is a Port Forward issue, but rest assured that it is an easy fix with a Sabai VPN Router.

7. Reset Isn’t a Disaster - Imagine going through all the steps to get your dd-wrt setup correctly and then lightning strikes and you have to reset the router. With dd-wrt this means starting over at step one. Resetting a Sabai Router might mean re-entering your VPN login, but, that’s it. Minutes instead of hours. Isn’t that better?

8. Satisfaction Guarantee - There is little risk in purchasing a Sabai Router because of the 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee that comes standard with every Sabai VPN Router sold. With dd-wrt, there is no guarantee that the flash attempt will be successful.

9. Overcome Speed Limitations - No matter what operating system you use, there are speed limitations on consumer level Mbps routers such as the Linksys and Asus models. Only Sabai offers the VPN Accelerator, which works in conjunction with the Sabai VPN Router operating system. The VPN Accelerator is a small computer that piggybacks onto your regular router and gives it the speed and power that is about the same as running VPN directly on your computer. The ability to bring that level of VPN speed to an entire home or office network is unique to Sabai Technology.

10. Continuous Improvement - Sabai has programmers working overtime to create the next, best thing in VPN Routers. Sabai Freedom means that you always have access to the latest version of the Sabai operating system meaning that you always have an easy path to the best in speed, quality and usability.

It isn’t uncommon for customers who have used dd-wrt in the past to switch to Sabai because of the unique features of the Sabai operating system and the amazing customer service provided. Can you think of more reasons why Sabai OS is the best? Let us know in comments!

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