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Sabai Technology has big plans for the future of home and small business routers. We are currently in development for a router that will bring more power and flexibility to users like you – who want their network to do MORE.

The idea came after the successful launch of the VPN Accelerator. What if we could create an all in one device, that could do advanced networking functions without sacrificing speed. This is about more than VPN – although it does that too.

Introducing JaiRo

JaiRo has it’s own website, community, and demo that we invite you to join. Because JaiRo is a completely new concept in home and small business routing, its a little hard to describe, but here is the best analogy:

Look back at clamshell cellphones. Back then, cell phones basically held contacts and made phone calls. The fancy ones MAYBE had a little camera on it and could text. We are talking about the days before data plans.

Skip forward to the invention of the smart phone. Now, phones had more advanced hardware, and where not just a phone, but a platform that allowed you to add apps, which extended the phones functionality. Now, your smart phone allows you to play games with friends, check the weather, even act as a level in a pinch – oh – and they still make phone calls and hold your contacts.

The jump from a closed system, hardware dependent, limited spec system to an open source, independent hardware, and unlimited spec system is what we are introducing with JaiRo. Want to run VPN on your router? Add the VPN module, which will be available in a mod store directly on the device. What about a VOIP phone server? Add the mod. Family filtering, print servers, network attached storage – even media serving eventually will be available as an add on, directly on your router. All of this is possible with JaiRo. Need a visual? Check out the demo.


We are still in the early stages of development and we need your help! Check out our Kickstarter – it’s success will mean a faster development process, bringing us one step closer to making the product available for purchase. Whether or not you decide to help fund our project – share it! Post to your social media, email friends, talk about it with your friends and fellow expats. We need our fans to help fuel the fire and get us over that $50,000 hump!

And, don’t forget to join the JaiRo website to keep up on the project!

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