Sabai Operating System

The Sabai operating system is our own unique twist on Tomato. Sabai is especially proud to bring you dual gateway on this easy to use VPN Router operating system.

The VPN Accelerator just got better!


One of our most popular items has to be the VPN Accelerator, a Sabai Technology exclusive!  Customers love using the VPN Accelerator to increase the usability and speed of their VPN network. Our developers decided to take this product and make it even better. The addition of a VPN Accelerator to your wireless VPN setup can make or break your ability to watch streaming content, depending on where you live in the world. See what all the fuss is about and experience faster VPN speeds with the new and improved Sabai Technology’s VPN Accelerator – now in pre-order for version 2!

Improved Hardware Specs

It looks the same on the outside, but it’s better than ever on the inside! We have improved the hardware specs on this unit including an Intel Bay Trail-D Celeron Dual core 2.41 GHz processor and USB 3.0. All of that geek talk translates to faster, faster, faster!

Better Interface Design

The new interface design is brighter and feels cleaner. Navigation and layout didn’t change much, but the overall effect is less “geek” and more modern. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a sneak peek:


Better Integration through Built-in Proxy

For Sabai Technology developers, it made total sense to merge these two technologies. For the first time ever, VPN and proxy co-exist on the Sabai Technology VPN Accelerator! Users can now use the high speed connection of a VPN Accelerator while controlling their connection through web browsers. No more logging into the Accelerator interface every time you want to change IP location.

Using Gateways, you set up a laptop in your home as a “local” device. This means that local traffic, as opposed to VPN traffic, is fed to this device over the Wi-Fi network. While you use this computer mostly for local internet, you sometimes want to access foreign internet and browse privately.

[VPNA] Settings

Previously, you would have used our convenient Gateways function by logging into the VPN Accelerator and switching the entire device from “local” to “VPN.” Using the VPN Accelerator proxy function, switching locations just got easier! More details on this feature will be available as we get closer to launch!

freedom-icons sf
Visit the new VPN Accelerator product page where you can pre-order the VPN Accelerator V2 at the V1 price. Hurry – the price goes up August 1st!
*Existing Accelerator customers will be eligible for a free system upgrade. Details to be announced closer to August 1st.

A better way to see the World Cup

A better way to see the World Cup

Middle Eastern football fans could be on the hook for some hefty charges if they want to see their national team in this year’s FIFA World Cup.

Rights to air the games in the Middle East and North Africa are held by beIN Sports, a pay network formerly known as Al Jazeera Sports, which charges new subscribers about $250 annually for the package of channels that carry the games, according to

“Football fans in the Middle East will still have to pay to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup legally, after a German broadcaster denied reports it will broadcast the tournament for free. The rights to air games in the Middle East and North Africa are held by beIN Sports, formerly Al Jazeera Sports, which charges new subscribers about $250 for an annual package of channels that includes games from the upcoming tournament in Brazil.” According to No ‘free’ World Cup TV in Arab world, says Germany’s ZDF

What it costs to watch the World Cup
(Some coverage may or may not require subscriptions in the native countries.)

But there may be a better way, thanks to Sabai Technology.

You could take that $250 and put it toward a Sabai VPN Router and VPN service and connect back to your home country to get coverage of the team you love*.

Here are a few options:

– For the United Kingdom, television rights will be shared by BBC and ITV**. All BBC content will be available in catch-up on demand through BBC iPlayer – both from TV and radio. There will be additional content and interactive features from BBC Sport.

And ITV promises you can stream all its live matches via ITV Player at

– In the United States, all the matches will be shown on the ABC and ESPN family of networks and can be streamed at and the Watch ESPN app. You’ll need your TV provider information to sign in.

– For coverage in Spanish, Univision will be dedicating the Univision Deportes network to 24-hour coverage of the tournament and live-streaming of all 64 matches on mobile apps and online, according to a report in Variety***. Here, again, you’ll need to have a login for a TV provider that carries Univision Deportes.



*Price depending on which VPN Router and VPN service provider the customer chooses.

** Source:

*** Source:

Troubleshoot Tuesday (VIDEO): Setting up PPTP on your Sabai Technology StrongVPN Router.


The recent “How to download your StrongVPN OpenVPN file” blog post has proven a popular tool for new customers so we thought we should do a similar post for PPTP! For customers who are new to VPN Routers, PPTP may seem a bit easier than OpenVPN, just because there is no file download. To run your PPTP connection over your Sabai VPN Router you only need to have a few pieces of information from your VPN provider:

  1. Server Address
  2. Username (given by VPN provider, usually different from website login)
  3. Password (given by VPN provider, usually different from website login)

PPTP Sabai VPN Router Screen

If StrongVPN is your VPN provider, you can find this information as follows:

Step One - Log into your StrongVPN account by visiting (Customers in China may need to use an alternate URL). Please note that this login information is different than your Sabai Technology login information. It is also different from your PPTP login information.

Visit and log into the customer account area.

Step Two - Once logged into the Customer Area, hover over VPN Accounts and click on VPN Account Summary.

Go to VPN Accounts in the menu

Step Three - In the table named, Your PPTP Accounts, visit the last column on the right and click the black Account Setup Instructions button.

PPTP Account information

Step Four - In the area named, PPTP Account Info, you will find your Server Address, Login, and Password. Copy and paste these items directly into the VPN Router PPTP page for accuracy, and/or write them down for future use. Your Login and Password for PPTP will be different from your customer login information.

PPTP Account Information for VPN Router input

Note: If you live in an area that may have difficulty resolving a web address, you can use the Server IP information interchangeably with the Server Address. Also note that if you change your server location, you will have to re-enter this PPTP information into the VPN Router.

Now you have the appropriate PPTP information for your VPN Router! This will allow you to run your entire home network over your PPTP StrongVPN account. If you aren’t sure where to input your PPTP information in the Sabai VPN Router, you can review the Sabai VPN Router setup instructions.

Meet Expat Pat

Meet Expat Pat, he discovered Sabai OS V5.FIVE and unlocked the world of internet content. See if his setup is right for you!


Click here, if you would like to experience the amazing world of wireless VPN on multiple devices. For more information please email our support department,

Connect Beyond Content.

Intro to VPN for Expats.

At Sabai Technology we understand that not everyone knows about VPN. Living as an expat is exciting and fun but we’re all human, we like what is familiar. Everyone gets homesick at times and expats especially miss being able to access the internet content familiar to them from their home country. Sabai Technology has the solution to give you the best of both worlds. A Sabai VPN Router allows you to EASILY access, assign, and manage which of your devices use local internet or the VPN tunnel.

We’ve put together a fun little video to help explain just how a Sabai Technology VPN Router is the answer to your expat needs.

As always, Sabai Technology is here for you, so if you have any questions, thoughts or concerns please do not hesitate to email us at

Connect Beyond Content.

Meet the Tenda




Here at Sabai Technology, we are busting at the seams with excitement to announce the Tenda W1800R Wireless AC1750 VPN Client Router to our impressive list of router options. The Tenda AC1750 VPN Router is top-of-the-line in hardware specs and is the first AC compatible VPN router from Sabai Technology.

This router is more than a great value. Three external antennas provide wide coverage for wireless speeds up to 1750 Mbps, the fastest available! Compatible with next generation WiFi devices and backward compatible with 802.11 a/b/g and n devices, it enables HD VPN streaming throughout your home to the device of your choice.

  • Next Gen WiFi.  Gigabit WiFi up to 1300 Mbps based on 802.11ac.
  • Concurrent Dual Band.  VPN available over 2.4G and 5G delivering up to 450+1300Mbps with reduced interference.
  • Gigabit Wired Connections.  Ideal for file sharing and streaming HD media.
  • USB Shareable.  Wirelessly access USB devices such as printers and hard drives.
  • Powerful Hardware.  600 MHz CPU and 256 MB RAM provide excellent VPN throughput.


The hardware alone is enough to get users excited about this router, but we aren’t stopping there. This unit comes with the brand new Sabai OS V5.FIVE installed. This exciting new firmware release includes the newest generation of OpenVPN and is more secure than ever before. With specs like those and the convenience of Sabai OS V5.FIVE, streaming VPN on the device of your choice just became a breeze. And, like all Sabai VPN Routers, this unit includes a 90-day satisfaction and hardware guarantee and 90-days of free one-on-one, live American technical support. Click here to shop now!

Sabai OS Version 5.Five, Now Available!

V5.FIVE-BLOGThe long awaited arrival of Sabai OS V5.FIVE is finally here and has brought an entire new generation of VPN Routers with it, including an AC option! If users thought OSv5 was user friendly, the updated operating system is sure to please. Sabai OS V5.FIVE includes AC support, more secure OpenVPN standards, better port forwarding, simpler QoS interface, and a better VPN Accelerator integration.

If you are already a Sabai Technology customer, you might be interested in upgrading your Sabai VPN Router to OS V5.FIVE (in fact, we recommend it!). We have begun sending out upgrade emails to customers whose past purchases make them eligible for OS V5.FIVE. Eligible customers include those customers who are within a Sabai Freedom subscription period. (In order to accommodate tech support for all customers, we are sending these emails in waves. If you meet the criteria and have not yet received your email, please be patient.) If you do not currently have Sabai Freedom and would like to upgrade from OSv5 to OS V5.FIVE, you can purchase Sabai Freedom on our website.

AC Support

The next generation of WiFi has arrived with Sabai OSv5.FIVE! 802.11 AC is the fastest wireless type on the market today. Connect A, B, G, N and AC devices wirelessly to VPN with the new Tenda AC W1800R.

More Secure OpenVPN Standards

The latest and greatest OpenVPN protocols are now standard on Sabai OS. While some customers are reporting speed improvements, what we know for sure is that OpenVPN has never been more secure.

Better Port Forwarding

Sabai OS has long focused on improving the customer experience with port forwarding, a previously painful process. V5.FIVE will have port forwarding customers jumping for joy at the ease and stability that this feature now offers.

Quality of Service

You asked, we listened! The QoS interface is simpler than ever and the graphs work beautifully. Gamers … this one is for you.

Better VPN Accelerator Integration

VPN Accelerator customers will love the new ease of setup and device management in OSv5.FIVE! (These customers should also stay on the lookout for a VPN Accelerator update.)


Visit and complete your VPN network wants and needs today. Don’t hesitate to email with any questions you may have, we’re here for you.

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Troubleshoot Tuesday (VIDEO): Setting up Gateways on your Sabai Technology VPN Router.

While all Sabai Technology instructions come with details on the Gateway feature, we like to keep our customers involved and informed even after they have long ago accidentally thrown out the instructions. So, in the spirit of keeping things easy yet informative, we’re going to make sure to have good videos, infographics, and instructions for our customers to get anytime they need them.


Setting up the gateways:

Assign the default gateway

  • None – assigns current router status (local internet if VPN is not running, VPN network if VPN is running)
  •  Local – assigns local internet
  • VPN – assigns VPN internet
  • Accelerator – assigns VPN Accelerator internet (if you have this device.)

Change an individual device to non-default, find the device in the list and click on the radio button in the desired column next to that device.

  • D L V A: The gateway assigned to the device (D: Default, L: Local, V: VPN, A: Accelerator).
  • The example shows Default as None and all devices set to D (default). We changed the TechSupport device (2nd in list) to Local by clicking the L (local) Radio Button next to that device and clicking Save. Now, all devices are accessing the Sabai Technology VPN Router’s default state (presumably VPN) except the TechSupport device which is accessing the local internet connection. Any device in the list can be managed in this way. The Gateway saves this setting and will connect each device accordingly.


While we can make things simple though, sometimes you just need a little boost of help. Reach out to us at We’re always happy to get things working for you!

Troubleshoot Tuesday (VIDEO): Setting Up OpenVPN On Your Sabai Technology My Expat Network VPN Router

In the spirit of our new videos, the amazing Michelle from our Marketing Department put together OpenVPN instructions for more of the VPN provider companies. One of the very first companies Sabai Technology partnered with was My Expat Network. Since the beginning of our partnership with My Expat Network, they’ve grown from just one VPN country, to 5! That’s major progress. Customers from Spain have been flocking to My Expat Network and Sabai Technology because of new website blocks that have been put into place, keeping them from watching their favorite shows now. You can now set up your Sabai Technology My Expat Network VPN Router with OpenVPN with confidence.

  • Access your account at
  • In the right hand corner, there is a drop down allowing you to pick the country of your choosing for your VPN.myex
  • Click “All in one Multi-Use.”

  • Log into My Expat Network by entering your username and password.
  • Change the download type to Sabai Technology Routers (OVPN File) and press Login.  The automatic download will begin.

Setting up your OpenVPN

  • Return to the router and click on Network and OpenVPN.
  • Click Choose File and find the file that downloaded.
  • Click Upload. Once the file has uploaded, you can then press start.

  • The Sabai Technology My Expat Network VPN status will display on the Status/Overview page.


Having issues? It happens sometimes. We won’t judge you for reaching out to us at, in fact we encourage it! We’re always happy to help and we’re  even extending our hours soon enough so that we can be here to help even more often.

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Calling All Sabai Beta Testers


Sabai Technology is looking for beta testers!

We are going to have several different beta projects in the coming weeks and need people who are willing to test and report for us. Sabai Beta testers get to see new stuff before anyone else, are eligible for exclusive discounts and other possible perks.

Please help us make Sabai products better by joining our beta program. You must be a current Sabai Freedom customer in order to participate in a beta program.

One of the perks to being a Sabai beta tester is the deep discount we are offering on the N10P while supplies last.


Supplies are limited so act now!

If you are interested, please fill out the form at the following link: CLICK HERE for the Sabai Beta Tester Application.

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