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Sabai’s New Blog

Sabai Tech U Logo-01Not only does Sabai Technology have a new website, but we also have a new blog. In an effort to make VPN and VPN Router information more digestible for any and everyone we have organized important content for any level of knowledge.  We understand that not everyone is a technology guru. As much as it pains our development team, not everyone wants to know the intricate details about configuring routers, OpenVPN vs. PPTP, and so on. With that in mind, we thought it best to design our blog to suit the multiple ways people learn. Whether you have a beginner, intermediate, or expert level of knowledge we have organized content to make searching for answers easier, as well as grouping content by subject.

Here is a sneak peek at how we have organized important content for you:

stu ex

Sabai Tech U, is all about information to suit your needs and learning styles. We have informative videos, infographics and in-depth content all brought to you by the latest addition to our Sabai family, STU.

STU 1-01

So here’s a little about STU:

  • STU sees himself as the Bruce WAN of the internet providing the ultimate level of protection… for your data, of course.
  • STU will protect you from VTD’s (Virtually Transmitted Diseases) like direct traffic attacks, packet sniffing, and location-based content blocking because your safety and happiness is his numero uno priority, especially when you’re both out and about surfing the mean streams of the internet.

He likes:

  • Streaming long movies on the beach.
  • The security in knowing that your data is encrypted and protected from any hackers trying to come between the connection he shares with you.
  • Are you located in a far off destination? No worries! STU has the solution; Sabai’s Gateway feature gives you the flexibility you’ve always dreamed of in a long-distance relationship.
  • STU’s ideal date would be to visit Australia, or as he puts it, ‘the LAN down under’.

So if you are ever wondering what to do, just go to Sabai Tech U and see just what STU can do for you! And as always you can reach out to our technical support guru’s 7 days a week. Simply email Support@SabaiTechnology.com.

New VPN Accelerator Feature Gives Browser Controlled Location Changing

VPN and proxy have often been seen as rival technologies. Both serve as an intermediary to help consumers achieve similar ends: IP relocation as well as anonymity while surfing the web.

But they are rivals no more! Sabai Technology developers have merged these technologies, and for the first time, VPN and proxy co-exist on the Sabai Technology VPN Accelerator!

Users can now get the high-speed connection of a VPN Accelerator while controlling their connection through web browsers. No more logging in to the router interface every time you want to change IP location.

Enough theory, let’s look at an example of how you might use this stuff!

Using Gateways, you set up a laptop in your home as a “local” device. This means that local traffic, as opposed to VPN traffic, is fed to this device over the Wi-Fi network. While you use this computer mostly for local Internet, you sometimes want to access foreign Internet and browse privately.

Previously, you would have used our convenient Gateways function by logging in to the VPN router and switching the entire device from “local” to “VPN.” Using the VPN Accelerator proxy function, switching locations just got easier!

After an easy initial setup, one browser, such as Chrome, is set to your local location. (Let’s say New York.) Meanwhile, another browser, such as Firefox, can connect to a separate location (Let’s say London) via proxy. This means you can watch U.S. Netflix in Chrome and BBC iPlayer in Firefox at the same time*!


This is an incredibly convenient way to organize your network traffic for devices that often need to switch geo-location! Even more exciting is that the setup on this function is incredibly easy. Stay tuned for a how-to post, along with an instructional video!

*We aren’t sure why you’d want to do this, but we don’t judge. One thing is for sure, though: The ability to be in two places at once sure is handy!

The VPN Accelerator just got better!


One of our most popular items has to be the VPN Accelerator, a Sabai Technology exclusive!  Customers love using the VPN Accelerator to increase the usability and speed of their VPN network. Our developers decided to take this product and make it even better. The addition of a VPN Accelerator to your wireless VPN setup can make or break your ability to watch streaming content, depending on where you live in the world. See what all the fuss is about and experience faster VPN speeds with the new and improved Sabai Technology’s VPN Accelerator – now in pre-order for version 2!

Improved Hardware Specs

It looks the same on the outside, but it’s better than ever on the inside! We have improved the hardware specs on this unit including an Intel Bay Trail-D Celeron Dual core 2.41 GHz processor and USB 3.0. All of that geek talk translates to faster, faster, faster!

Better Interface Design

The new interface design is brighter and feels cleaner. Navigation and layout didn’t change much, but the overall effect is less “geek” and more modern. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a sneak peek:


Better Integration through Built-in Proxy

For Sabai Technology developers, it made total sense to merge these two technologies. For the first time ever, VPN and proxy co-exist on the Sabai Technology VPN Accelerator! Users can now use the high speed connection of a VPN Accelerator while controlling their connection through web browsers. No more logging into the Accelerator interface every time you want to change IP location.

Using Gateways, you set up a laptop in your home as a “local” device. This means that local traffic, as opposed to VPN traffic, is fed to this device over the Wi-Fi network. While you use this computer mostly for local internet, you sometimes want to access foreign internet and browse privately.

[VPNA] Settings

Previously, you would have used our convenient Gateways function by logging into the VPN Accelerator and switching the entire device from “local” to “VPN.” Using the VPN Accelerator proxy function, switching locations just got easier! More details on this feature will be available as we get closer to launch!

freedom-icons sf
Visit the new VPN Accelerator product page where you can pre-order the VPN Accelerator V2 at the V1 price. Hurry – the price goes up August 1st!
*Existing Accelerator customers will be eligible for a free system upgrade. Details to be announced closer to August 1st.

Troubleshoot Tuesday: L2TP in your Sabai Technology VPN Accelerator


To celebrate the new Accelerator firmware that will be making it’s debut in a few weeks. we’re going to visit the setup of L2TP, which is only available on the VPN Accelerator. One of our most popular products to date, the VPN Accelerator is a mini computer that is connected to the Sabai VPN router and runs the VPN itself instead of the router having to run the VPN. This allows for better speeds that are the same or close to the speeds you would get from your VPN Provider’s computer VPN client. It’s easy to test and see if the VPN Accelerator would be a good match for you! Plus, having the added ability of L2TP has helped a lot of customers reach even greater speeds, as L2TP is known to be more stable and normally faster than PPTP and OpenVPN. These instructions are for the new VPN Accelerator firmware, so if you have any questions about the old firmware and the setup, just let us know at support@sabaitechnology.com!

Setting up your L2TP in your VPN Accelerator

STEP 1: Log into your accelerator at

STEP 2: Click on VPN then L2TPl2tp


STEP 3: Enter the server, username, password, and PSK into the provided boxes. This information is provided by your VPN provider.


STEP 4: Press save, then start.

STEP 5: The top right hand corner should change to reflect that the L2TP has been started.


We hope you enjoyed this tiny sneak peak of the new look of the VPN Accelerator! This new sleek look is a lot more like our VPN routers and we’re happy to finally have an update to present to our customers who have been waiting for the longest time! We’re really hopeful that this new firmware for the Accelerator is a big deal to our customers and they love it just as much as we do! So stay on the lookout for your email about getting the upgrade.


Sabai OS Version 5.Five, Now Available!

V5.FIVE-BLOGThe long awaited arrival of Sabai OS V5.FIVE is finally here and has brought an entire new generation of VPN Routers with it, including an AC option! If users thought OSv5 was user friendly, the updated operating system is sure to please. Sabai OS V5.FIVE includes AC support, more secure OpenVPN standards, better port forwarding, simpler QoS interface, and a better VPN Accelerator integration.

If you are already a Sabai Technology customer, you might be interested in upgrading your Sabai VPN Router to OS V5.FIVE (in fact, we recommend it!). We have begun sending out upgrade emails to customers whose past purchases make them eligible for OS V5.FIVE. Eligible customers include those customers who are within a Sabai Freedom subscription period. (In order to accommodate tech support for all customers, we are sending these emails in waves. If you meet the criteria and have not yet received your email, please be patient.) If you do not currently have Sabai Freedom and would like to upgrade from OSv5 to OS V5.FIVE, you can purchase Sabai Freedom on our website.

AC Support

The next generation of WiFi has arrived with Sabai OSv5.FIVE! 802.11 AC is the fastest wireless type on the market today. Connect A, B, G, N and AC devices wirelessly to VPN with the new Tenda AC W1800R.

More Secure OpenVPN Standards

The latest and greatest OpenVPN protocols are now standard on Sabai OS. While some customers are reporting speed improvements, what we know for sure is that OpenVPN has never been more secure.

Better Port Forwarding

Sabai OS has long focused on improving the customer experience with port forwarding, a previously painful process. V5.FIVE will have port forwarding customers jumping for joy at the ease and stability that this feature now offers.

Quality of Service

You asked, we listened! The QoS interface is simpler than ever and the graphs work beautifully. Gamers … this one is for you.

Better VPN Accelerator Integration

VPN Accelerator customers will love the new ease of setup and device management in OSv5.FIVE! (These customers should also stay on the lookout for a VPN Accelerator update.)


Visit SabaiTechnology.com and complete your VPN network wants and needs today. Don’t hesitate to email Support@SabaiTechnology.com with any questions you may have, we’re here for you.

Connect Beyond Content.

Business Black Box Feature: William Haynes & Sabai Technology

Our founder, William Haynes, sat down with Business Black Box magazine recently to discuss the motivation behind taking his router modification hobby and establishing Sabai Technology. If there is one thing William is passionate about, it’s the availability and accessibility of knowledge and information.  William stated in response to my overwhelming excitement about this article, ”Knowledge is power and truly it’s the only way to move up in the world. I want people to have the access to that power; for themselves and to better the lives of their loved ones.”. Click here to read the article.


At Sabai Technology we pride ourselves on having such a warm-hearted and good-natured boss. William’s enthusiastic attitude and curiosity for how things work is positively contagious. I can tell you that Sabai Technology is not just a company, we are a family. Not to brag, but each department is dedicated to producing the best work they are capable of, simply because of the respect and admiration we all have for William.

Sabai Technology doesn’t just produce the easy solution for streaming VPN, we’re also extremely dedicated to our extended Sabai expat family. We include 3 months of Sabai Freedom with every VPN Router and Accelerator purchase because we understand that people have lives and are not able to dedicate the time to geek out on everything VPN. Don’t worry, we have developers for that. When it comes down to it, people want to enjoy the content they want and we’re here to get you the best VPN Router set up; quickly, accurately, and easily to suit your needs and schedule. Anyone that has spoken to our technical support guru, Ruth, can attest to the genuine value of Sabai Freedom. Read the reviews and see for yourself. 

william 2

Sabai Technology continues to grow, change, and improve, but our dedication to our customers will forever remain sacrosanct. We want all of our extended Sabai family to know just how much we love and appreciate them.  So for all of you with a Sabai Technology VPN Router; THANK YOU and those of you thinking about joining our Sabai family please feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have about us, our products, or our guarantees. We’re here for you too! Contact our technical support department today at Support@SabaiTechnology.com and see for yourself what the Sabai experience is all about.

Calling All Sabai Beta Testers


Sabai Technology is looking for beta testers!

We are going to have several different beta projects in the coming weeks and need people who are willing to test and report for us. Sabai Beta testers get to see new stuff before anyone else, are eligible for exclusive discounts and other possible perks.

Please help us make Sabai products better by joining our beta program. You must be a current Sabai Freedom customer in order to participate in a beta program.

One of the perks to being a Sabai beta tester is the deep discount we are offering on the N10P while supplies last.


Supplies are limited so act now!

If you are interested, please fill out the form at the following link: CLICK HERE for the Sabai Beta Tester Application.

Holiday Shipping Dates You Need To Know

The holidays are soon approaching and at Sabai Technology we are all about fast shipping.  We are so excited for the holidays that we’ve extended our FREE DOMESTIC GROUND SHIPPING on all purchases through Dec 17th.  All in-stock orders ship within 24-hours, Monday through Friday. Orders received before noon are shipped the same day.  As you are shopping for the holidays, here are some important dates to keep in mind when you are shipping gifts to loved ones.

For FedEx:

If you are looking to ship INTERNATIONALLY and trying to find rates along with transit times, CLICK HERE.


For the United States Postal Service:

Which form do you need to complete?

  • Fill out the GXG® International Air Waybill and the commercial invoice PS Form 6182 for Global Express Guaranteed® packages2.
  • Use a PS Form 2976-B for Priority Mail Express International™ items.
  • Use a PS Form 2976 or PS Form 2976-A customs form for all other USPS international services, including APO/FPO/DPO mail.

When you fill out the customs form, list the contents of your shipment completely and accurately. Otherwise, your package could be delayed or returned. When you’re done, please insert your GXG International Air Waybill or your PS Form 2976-A or 2976-B in a plastic envelope (PS Form 2976-E) on the package where USPS employees can easily see it.

PS Form 6182 is only required when shipping to select destination countries. Check Publication 141: Global Express Guaranteed Service Guide for individual country requirements. Insert all documents in PS Form 2976-E (plastic envelope) when complete.

Click here for the custom forms that must accompany your military care package.


 HAPPY HOLIDAYS from our Sabai family to yours!

Troubleshoot Tuesday: Setting Up Multi-Step OpenVPN In Your VPN Accelerator

Here at Sabai Technology, we’re always posting about how to set up your OpenVPN configuration in your router, but what about in your VPN Accelerator?  Sometimes using a VPN company that has multiple files and/or a username/password setup can get a little tricky.  We’re working on custom instructions for all of our companies and exactly what needs to be done for them, but until then, how about this little bit of information?  IpVanish, PureVPN, TrilightZone, IbVPN, Express VPN, and SmallVPN all currently require extra files other than just a .ovpn file, and/or require a username.  If you’re having issues setting up your Accelerator with any of these companies, rest assured you’re not the first.  While all of these companies are a little different, here is the basics of what you will need to get your Accelerator running seamlessly.

Setting up Accelerator with Multiple Files

  1. Get all of the files you need from your VPN Provider.  If you do not currently know how to access those files, please see the instructions that came with your router or find your instructions here.
  2. Make sure if your files come in a Zip file that you have unzipped to a place that will be easy to find.
  3. Go to http://wizard.sabaitechnology.com/.
  4. Once there, click on OpenVPN.
  5. Browse to the .ovpn file for the server of your choosing.
  6. Click Sabai OS.
  7. Double check that information and make sure it is accurate then click convert.
  8. Once there, it will ask for the other additional files needed.  It could just be one file, or it could be four other files like required in this example. Those files should be in the same file as the original .ovpn file you used.
  9. Once all the files have been uploaded, click Convert.  This will download a file to your computer right away.  Normally into your downloads folder. This file has combined all required files into one .ovpn file that can be used in the Accelerator.
  10. Log into your Accelerator at
  11. Go to OpenVPN
  12. Upload the file you just downloaded from the Wizard.
  13. If your VPN Provider requires a username and password, please refer to the below instructions before starting the VPN.  You will have a few additional steps to follow before your VPN will start.  If your VPN Provider does not require a username and password, such as Express VPN and Small VPN, you can just press start here and the VPN should start up with no issues.

Setting up Accelerator with Username and Password

We have previously done a segment on this, with the instructions here: http://blog.sabaitechnology.com/category/vpn-accelerator/
hose instructions should work just fine for your setup, but a few note on this.  When you copy and paste the below code, take out the ” ” and reenter them.  The formatting will not be correct if you just paste straight into the Accelerator.

exec 2>&1

echo -e “username\npassword” > /home/dumbroot/myauth.txt

We understand this is quite advanced, but we have a lot of customers who would much rather do it without having to make an wait for an appointment with our Tech team.  If that is the case, feel free to use these instructions to get you all set up!  Having problems or questions?  Reach out to us at support@sabaitechnology.com!

Troubleshoot Tuesday: Username & Password on the VPN Accelerator

This year, we released OSv5, which expanded Sabai OS’s ability to work with VPN providers which required an external username and password. This was a great addition to our VPN Routers and has allowed us to share Sabai OS with thousands of new users around the world.

We are, however, still awaiting an update to the VPN Accelerator that extends this capability. So, if you are using a VPN provider that requires a username/password input for Open VPN (Private Internet Access, Surfbouncer, and PureVPN among others) and you want to use a VPN Accelerator, there is some special setup necessary.

Again, username and password is no issue on the VPN routers, it is just not as simple on the VPN Accelerator (want to see how easy it is on the VPN Router? Watch this video.) This setup requires some advanced moves, so please read the entire set of directions and decide that you are comfortable completing the process before beginning.

Username/Password in VPN Accelerator

Log into your Sabai VPN Accelerator.

Navigate to Diagnostics > System.

Create a file with your username and password by copy and pasting the following lines into the box under word “shell.” You will need to change “username” and “password” to reflect your actual username and password. (Note: leave the “/n” in place. See image for example.)

exec 2>&1

echo -e “username\npassword” > /home/dumbroot/myauth.txt


Hit the Execute button.

Verify that the file was written by copying and pasting the following lines of code into the box under the word “shell” and hitting the Execute button.

exec 2>&1

cat /home/dumbroot/myauth.txt

exec 2>&1

Navigate to VPN > OpenVPN and load your Open VPN configuration file. Once the file is loaded, click Edit.

Find the line in the file that says, “auth-user-pass.”

Add the following line of text to the end of that line. (See picture for example.)


Click Save and Start to start the VPN.

These steps will allow you to run a username/password Open VPN configuration on the VPN Accelerator. We recognize that these are advanced steps. If you are not comfortable completing these steps, please feel free to submit a support ticket and our team will happily set this up for you via our hands-on remote in service.


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