The majority of Sabai’s VPN routers provide a wireless option.

Sabai’s New Blog

Sabai Tech U Logo-01Not only does Sabai Technology have a new website, but we also have a new blog. In an effort to make VPN and VPN Router information more digestible for any and everyone we have organized important content for any level of knowledge.  We understand that not everyone is a technology guru. As much as it pains our development team, not everyone wants to know the intricate details about configuring routers, OpenVPN vs. PPTP, and so on. With that in mind, we thought it best to design our blog to suit the multiple ways people learn. Whether you have a beginner, intermediate, or expert level of knowledge we have organized content to make searching for answers easier, as well as grouping content by subject.

Here is a sneak peek at how we have organized important content for you:

stu ex

Sabai Tech U, is all about information to suit your needs and learning styles. We have informative videos, infographics and in-depth content all brought to you by the latest addition to our Sabai family, STU.

STU 1-01

So here’s a little about STU:

  • STU sees himself as the Bruce WAN of the internet providing the ultimate level of protection… for your data, of course.
  • STU will protect you from VTD’s (Virtually Transmitted Diseases) like direct traffic attacks, packet sniffing, and location-based content blocking because your safety and happiness is his numero uno priority, especially when you’re both out and about surfing the mean streams of the internet.

He likes:

  • Streaming long movies on the beach.
  • The security in knowing that your data is encrypted and protected from any hackers trying to come between the connection he shares with you.
  • Are you located in a far off destination? No worries! STU has the solution; Sabai’s Gateway feature gives you the flexibility you’ve always dreamed of in a long-distance relationship.
  • STU’s ideal date would be to visit Australia, or as he puts it, ‘the LAN down under’.

So if you are ever wondering what to do, just go to Sabai Tech U and see just what STU can do for you! And as always you can reach out to our technical support guru’s 7 days a week. Simply email Support@SabaiTechnology.com.

Sabai Technology’s Independence Day Promotion Helps Customers Find Internet Freedom

7.4 homepage-01

Sabai Technology, creator of the VPN Router firmware Sabai OS, has slashed prices on its entire VPN Router product line for its annual Fourth of July sale, helping give consumers Internet freedom for Independence Day.

The company’s mission is to bring Internet freedom, privacy and security to users with an out-of-the-box solution for virtual private network (VPN).

For a very limited time, products are at record low prices. Customers can save $50 on the powerhouse Asus RT-N66U and AC wireless Tenda models. Prices are also slashed on other popular models. The sale starts Thursday, July 3, and runs through Monday, July 7. Visit us at SabaiTechnology.com.

Personal VPN use has increased dramatically in recent years as consumers concerned with privacy demand greater online security. Government restrictions on content around the world have only added to the demand, as users everywhere seek access to everything from basic information searches to their favorite TV shows. By adding a layer of encryption and relocating the user’s IP address to a remote server, users get better protection, privacy and control over their Internet content.

For today’s connected home, a VPN router is an essential part of a free Internet experience.

Sabai routers work in tandem with the user’s VPN provider, enabling the connection to be broadcast throughout the home or workplace. Without a VPN router, users are limited to connecting just a few devices that are capable of running the VPN client — a program that facilitates the encryption.

“The magic of a VPN router happens in the firmware,” says Sabai Technology founder William Haynes. “Our firmware has a built-in client, so the wireless signal becomes VPN enabled, meaning that your VPN credentials are shared with any device on your network. This can be a smart TV, a tablet, gaming system, media streaming device — any or all of those and more.”

Total network encryption via a personal VPN and VPN router gives customers the ultimate experience in free and secure Internet access. As Americans celebrate Independence Day this weekend, it is important to remember those freedoms that are still at risk in many parts of the world. Sabai Technology believes that freedom of information and the right to Internet privacy are vital liberties.

“We are incredibly proud to make this complicated network technology accessible to the average user,” Haynes says. “Our products are made to be simple and easy to use. You don’t have to be a geek.”

All Sabai Technology products include live, U.S.-based technical support seven days a week, as well as 90-day satisfaction and hardware guarantees.

Don’t wait till the last minute to take advantage of these fantastic deals!

Troubleshoot Tuesday: Speed Factors To Consider


It’s very rare to find someone completely satisfied with the speed of their VPN. Normally when that happens they’re using a Sabai VPN Router paired with a Sabai Technology VPN Accelerator. However, for those customers just looking for a little bit of help, we have some links to direct you to for some help, as well as these troubleshooting tips from an older blog post.

Note: This is an advanced topic. Please do not change settings on your VPN or your Sabai VPN Router that you are not comfortable with. Sabai Technology support is happy to help you, should you need it. Just email us at Support@SabaiTechnology.com or open a ticket from our website!


The difference between these two OpenVPN protocols is the speed and accuracy in which they transmit your data. TCP is extremely accurate, but has much more overhead which slows it down. UDP is focused on speed, rather than accuracy. But, like most things in VPN, there are more factors to consider.

Speed vs. Accuracy

So when is speed more important than accuracy? Video streaming is a great example of a need where speed is more important than accuracy. A few missing pieces of data aren’t going to be noticeable in a video stream but if you are downloading your tax return information … a few missing pieces of data is very important! Consider the way you will be using your OpenVPN connection. There is no right or wrong answer, but every user should prioritize speed and accuracy and choose the appropriate protocol.

Port 53

If your VPN provider allows you to change your port, and you have been having trouble with throttling or blockage, try 53. This port is used for lots of different things around the world and is difficult to block.

Where to Start

The Sabai Technology Technical Support Team suggests that if you are having speed issues, try TCP and port 53 first. This may seem counter-intuitive, but, the reports from the field show that many ISP’s handle TCP better.

Depending on your location, you may find that TCP just won’t connect for you. If that is the case, try UDP and port 443.

How To

The exact “how” is going to change, depending on your provider. Generally, you will log in to the customer area of your VPN provider and under your OpenVPN options look for something like, “change protocol port”. If you are a StrongVPN customer, they have an excellent tutorial on exactly how to change your port.

Remember, if you are running your .ovpn file on a Sabai Technology router, a change like this will require a new download/upload of your file to the router before the change will be complete. Be sure to stop the current VPN running before you make any changes because we’d hate for you to lose your internet connection on accident!

Have questions for our tech support? Book an appointment or send an e-mail! And while you’re at it, check out some of these links!
MTU Troubleshooting- http://blog.sabaitechnology.com/advanced-speed-troubleshooting-mtu/
Single Device Speed Killer- http://blog.sabaitechnology.com/troubleshoot-tuesday-device-speed-killer/
Time Speed Help- http://blog.sabaitechnology.com/troubleshoot-tuesday-possible-speed-help/

A better way to see the World Cup

A better way to see the World Cup

Middle Eastern football fans could be on the hook for some hefty charges if they want to see their national team in this year’s FIFA World Cup.

Rights to air the games in the Middle East and North Africa are held by beIN Sports, a pay network formerly known as Al Jazeera Sports, which charges new subscribers about $250 annually for the package of channels that carry the games, according to AlArabiya.net.

“Football fans in the Middle East will still have to pay to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup legally, after a German broadcaster denied reports it will broadcast the tournament for free. The rights to air games in the Middle East and North Africa are held by beIN Sports, formerly Al Jazeera Sports, which charges new subscribers about $250 for an annual package of channels that includes games from the upcoming tournament in Brazil.” According to AlArabiya.net No ‘free’ World Cup TV in Arab world, says Germany’s ZDF

What it costs to watch the World Cup
(Some coverage may or may not require subscriptions in the native countries.)

But there may be a better way, thanks to Sabai Technology.

You could take that $250 and put it toward a Sabai VPN Router and VPN service and connect back to your home country to get coverage of the team you love*.

Here are a few options:

– For the United Kingdom, television rights will be shared by BBC and ITV**. All BBC content will be available in catch-up on demand through BBC iPlayer – both from TV and radio. There will be additional content and interactive features from BBC Sport.

And ITV promises you can stream all its live matches via ITV Player at itv.com.

– In the United States, all the matches will be shown on the ABC and ESPN family of networks and can be streamed at WatchESPN.com and the Watch ESPN app. You’ll need your TV provider information to sign in.

– For coverage in Spanish, Univision will be dedicating the Univision Deportes network to 24-hour coverage of the tournament and live-streaming of all 64 matches on mobile apps and online, according to a report in Variety***. Here, again, you’ll need to have a login for a TV provider that carries Univision Deportes.



*Price depending on which VPN Router and VPN service provider the customer chooses.

** Source: http://www.whathifi.com/news/how-to-watch-the-2014-fifa-world-cup-on-tv-and-online)

*** Source: http://variety.com/2014/digital/news/univision-world-cup-lineup-live-streaming-64-matches-mobile-online-1201198262/

Troubleshoot Tuesday (VIDEO): Setting Up Your Sabai Technology IPVanish VPN Router – PPTP

Normally all of our Troubleshoot Tuesdays have to do with setting up OpenVPN, the more difficult of the VPN Protocols. This time we’d like to highlight PPTP which sometimes gets overlooked. While less secure, PPTP can be a better choice for people in some countries, especially in places where blocks are put into place a lot, such as China. Sometimes in China PPTP works and sometimes OpenVPN works. Having the ability to use either one is really useful. There are also places where PPTP is faster than OpenVPN because of the lowered security. We’re going to highlight IPVanish’s PPTP this time around, which is easy and efficient for even beginner VPN users.

Get your PPTP information

  1. Log into your account at IPVanish.comipv
  2. Click on Server Listipv2
  3. Choose the server you would like to connect to. ipv3

Starting PPTP in your Sabai Technology IPVanish VPN Router

  1. Click on Network, then PPTP.
  2. Enter the sever address you chose and your IPVanish username and password. Press start. ipv4

Now you have the appropriate PPTP information for your VPN Router! This will allow you to run your entire home network over your PPTP StrongVPN account. If you aren’t sure where to input your PPTP information in the Sabai VPN Router, you can email Support@SabaiTechnology.com to take advantage of your 3 free months of Sabai Freedom.


Meet Expat Pat

Meet Expat Pat, he discovered Sabai OS V5.FIVE and unlocked the world of internet content. See if his setup is right for you!


Click here, if you would like to experience the amazing world of wireless VPN on multiple devices. For more information please email our support department, Support@SabaiTechnology.com.

Connect Beyond Content.

Intro to VPN for Expats.

At Sabai Technology we understand that not everyone knows about VPN. Living as an expat is exciting and fun but we’re all human, we like what is familiar. Everyone gets homesick at times and expats especially miss being able to access the internet content familiar to them from their home country. Sabai Technology has the solution to give you the best of both worlds. A Sabai VPN Router allows you to EASILY access, assign, and manage which of your devices use local internet or the VPN tunnel.

We’ve put together a fun little video to help explain just how a Sabai Technology VPN Router is the answer to your expat needs.

As always, Sabai Technology is here for you, so if you have any questions, thoughts or concerns please do not hesitate to email us at Support@SabaiTechnology.com.

Connect Beyond Content.

Meet the Tenda




Here at Sabai Technology, we are busting at the seams with excitement to announce the Tenda W1800R Wireless AC1750 VPN Client Router to our impressive list of router options. The Tenda AC1750 VPN Router is top-of-the-line in hardware specs and is the first AC compatible VPN router from Sabai Technology.

This router is more than a great value. Three external antennas provide wide coverage for wireless speeds up to 1750 Mbps, the fastest available! Compatible with next generation WiFi devices and backward compatible with 802.11 a/b/g and n devices, it enables HD VPN streaming throughout your home to the device of your choice.

  • Next Gen WiFi.  Gigabit WiFi up to 1300 Mbps based on 802.11ac.
  • Concurrent Dual Band.  VPN available over 2.4G and 5G delivering up to 450+1300Mbps with reduced interference.
  • Gigabit Wired Connections.  Ideal for file sharing and streaming HD media.
  • USB Shareable.  Wirelessly access USB devices such as printers and hard drives.
  • Powerful Hardware.  600 MHz CPU and 256 MB RAM provide excellent VPN throughput.


The hardware alone is enough to get users excited about this router, but we aren’t stopping there. This unit comes with the brand new Sabai OS V5.FIVE installed. This exciting new firmware release includes the newest generation of OpenVPN and is more secure than ever before. With specs like those and the convenience of Sabai OS V5.FIVE, streaming VPN on the device of your choice just became a breeze. And, like all Sabai VPN Routers, this unit includes a 90-day satisfaction and hardware guarantee and 90-days of free one-on-one, live American technical support. Click here to shop now!

Beginner’s Guide: What is consumer VPN?




Visit SabaiTechnology.com and complete your VPN network wants and needs today. Don’t hesitate to email Support@SabaiTechnology.com with any questions you may have, we’re here for you.

Connect Beyond Content.

Expats rejoice! One stop shopping for accessories.

If there is one thing we know here at Sabai Technology, it’s how much our expat family loves their accessories. Expats rejoice! Sabai is now shipping more accessory options for your VPN network. Less having to search & ship from multiple retailers, now you can shop with the trusted retailer you’ve come to know and love (Awwww! That’s so sweet of you to say. We love you too!).

1) D-Link DAP-1320 Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender


Eliminate Dead Zones

The Wireless Range Extender (DAP-1320) extends your existing wireless network coverage with the push of a button, delivering up to 300Mbps for whole-home coverage. Ideal for hard-to-reach areas like basements, upstairs bedrooms or outdoor areas, the compact Wireless Range Extender gives you performance where you need it most. Simply plug the DAP-1320 into a wall socket within range of your current wireless signal, and instantly expand your home network to the furthest corners of your home.

Easy Push Button Setup

Quickly and easily establish your fast, secure home network that will have you browsing, streaming and watching in minutes.  It’s as easy as plugging the Wireless Range Extender into a power outlet, pressing the WPS push button, and connect.

Backwards Compatible

While the Wireless Range Extender delivers fast wireless N300 speed to your home network, it’s also backwards compatible with all of your current wireless products – whatever the brand, whatever the device.

  • More Coverage - Extend the range of your existing Wi-Fi network and eliminate dead zones
  • Performance - Up to 300Mbps wireless performance for reliable, everyday performance
  • Backward Compatible - Compatible with virtually all wireless devices and routers
  • Simple Setup - Quickly setup your wireless range extender with the push of a button

2) Ooma Office


Ooma Office uses your high-speed Internet connection to deliver a high quality yet very affordable business phone system. Its hybrid solution utilizes on-site hardware and the power of cloud computing to deliver advanced features and quality of service you’d expect from a business class phone system.

3) Omma Linx Wireless Phone Extender


The Ooma Linx allows you to wirelessly connect additional telephones or fax machines to your Ooma Office Base Station. Ooma Linx uses DECT 6.0 technology. Connect up to 4 Ooma Linx devices to your Ooma Telo.

4) Planet Crypto Liberté Linux USB Flash Drive

Liberté Linux is a secure, reliable, lightweight and easy to use Gentoo-based LiveUSB cryptographically hardened Linux distribution with the primary purpose of enabling anyone to communicate safely and covertly in hostile environments from any PC that will boot from a USB device. Whether you are a privacy advocate, a dissident, a sleeper agent, or just the average Joe hanging out in a coffee shop checking his bank balance, you are equally likely to find Liberté Linux useful as a mission-critical communication aid. ​​

5)  ​Roku Streaming Stick


The Roku Streaming Stick makes it so easy to add streaming to your
Roku Ready device. Plug the Streaming Stick into the MHL® port of your TV or other device, and you’ve got the best streaming experience in the world—totally integrated. Easily controllable with the Roku Ready remote or Roku’s mobile app for iOS and Android.

6) Roku 2 Network Audio/Video Player


Crank up the volume, and enjoy the show with the Roku 2. Dive into 1,000+ channels of movies, TV shows, sports and more in stunning 1080p HD. Watch without disturbing the house when you plug headphones into the remote. Enjoy free features like channel shortcut buttons and much more.

Sabai Technology is well known for our fast shipping and dependable customer service. All in-stock orders ship within 24-hours, Monday through Friday. Orders received before noon are shipped same day. Each VPN Router and VPN Accelerator come with:

90 days of Sabai Freedom, our white glove one-on-one technical support

A 90 day satisfaction guarantee, we understand that sometimes you change your mind (It’s ok, we’ve got your back). With service like that, how can we not brag?

Visit SabaiTechnology.com and complete your VPN network wants and needs today.

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