Customer Spotlight: Dual Gateway an Elegant Solution

Adam and his family are Americans living in Italy. For Adam, the Dual Gateway feature of the Sabai OS is more than a convenience. In his own words, Adam admits that the Dual Gateway, “elegantly solves my problem” and “has made the impossible possible.”

For the uninitiated, the Dual Gateway feature “greatly simplifies the logistical problem of switching on and off the VPN for this and that other connection. While it may not seem much to a technically minded person to turn on and off a VPN, most people should not have to bother (and consequently refuse to bother) about such things. Now that the router handles it automatically, stuff just works, ” says Adam. Here at Sabai, we have to admit we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Having this versatile connection method for VPN on all of Adam’s devices has made it possible for the family to enjoy English language entertainment while living in Europe. Adam goes on to explain, “Both my kids speak perfect English even though they grew up in Italy. This is partly thanks to the ease with which we can watch American and British TV shows.”

Adam uses the Asus RT-N16 VPN Router and a VPN Accelerator to manage his StrongVPN connection at home. He also uses Sabai Freedom to make sure he can connect to technical support anytime. “I am grateful and impressed by Sabai’s technical know-how and courteousness,” concludes Adam.

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