Customer Spotlight: How Yossi Gets Simultaneous Local and VPN Access from One Router

Yossi lives in Israel and he found Sabai Technology while researching Dual Gateway solutions back in 2010. Yossi knew exactly what he wanted – to be able to have both local and VPN connections from one network connection. At that time, dual gateways required one of our Network Bundles, a now defunct product comprised of two E3000s – one to run local traffic, one to run VPN.

However, once Sabai OS introduced dual gateways, Yossi saw the potential to dump his second router! Sabai OS is the only way to achieve dual gateway functionality from a single router, meaning you get device by device traffic control on a single network. Want your work laptop to use local internet while your personal laptop and smart tv use VPN? Don’t bother with two networks, which is energy inefficient and can slow down your network.

How does Gateway control work?


This setting tells the Sabai VPN Router how you want any new device added to the network to automatically behave. Does most of your traffic go out over local? Set that as your default and any device that is added to the network will default to local traffic, unless you reassign it in the Device List.

Device List

This list is populated based on devices that are added to the network. As you can see in the image above, each device has a button for D (default), L (local), V (VPN), or A (Accelerator). Any device can be switched to a new gateway at any time by simply clicking the correct button and saving the setting!

Assign All

Want a quick way to switch all of your devices over to, say your Accelerator? No problem. Just use the Assign All buttons above the device list controls.

Save and Surf!

Anytime you change Gateway settings, be sure to save! It is also worth noting that Gateways is much improved in OSv5, so if you are using an older version of Sabai OS you should consider upgrading! No more setting static IPs, restarting devices, or unstable connections. The new Gateways is easy enough for anyone to use.

Yossi loves how his Sabai VPN Router makes content from the U.S. readily available. His favorite apps are Netflix and Hulu plus, which he loves being able to stream whenever the mood strikes. As an Apple TV user in Israel, he likes how his Sabai VPN Router setup offers him a more “complete” device and alleviates his dependency on iTunes downloads.

To learn more about Yossi’s setup, stay tuned for Part 2! If you have pre-sale questions for the Sabai staff, feel free to contact us via email, chat, or phone during our business hours or check out our website – there is a ton more information out there!

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