Customer Spotlight: Life in Canada with a VPN Accelerator!

Canada is the perfect VPN Accelerator country!

It must be very frustrating for Canadians to live so close to the United States and yet have so much entertainment – movies, music, and television shows – blocked! Because of exactly this issue, many Canadians are turning to VPN accounts and VPN Routers to be able to stream American content to their Apple TV, Roku, Smart TV, and more.

Don is a great example of one of these customers. He is a StrongVPN customer and found Sabai Technology through that service. After reading reviews and comments from users on the Sabai Technology website, Don decided to purchase a VPN Router and VPN Accelerator.

Thanks to my VPN Accelerator, I now can effortlessly stream anything (Vudu HDX, Netflix HD, Amazon Prime HD, and Hulu Plus) through my VPN thanks to the VPN Accelerator. I am now able to stream all media with ease! Support staff is terrific, all problems and questions answered very quickly!

Because of the fast native speeds and proximity to the United States servers, Canadian customers are almost perfect VPN Accelerator candidates. The VPN Accelerator is a small computer that works in conjunction with a VPN Router by Sabai Technology. The purpose of the Accelerator is to take the VPN processing burden off of the VPN Router, since it isn’t very powerful. With a setup like this, a VPN user gets the same kinds of VPN speeds on all of their devices as when they run VPN directly through the computer!

An example setup:

Lets pretend Don gets local internet speeds of 20Mb/s in Canada. He can run VPN directly through his computer and get 12Mb/s while connected to New York. That is perfectly fast enough to stream HD content from American Netflix or Hulu.

But, Don really want to stream that HD content over his Smart TV, so he has to get his TV connected through VPN. This is where the VPN Router comes in. The VPN Router is going to enable Don to put any network device on his VPN account. Anything that connects to the internet in his home can now appear to be in New York. Great!

Except – Don finds out that once he adds the VPN Router to the mix, it slows his connection down to 6 Mb/s. This will still allow him to stream content but it is too slow for HD. By adding the VPN Accelerator to his setup, Don is able to overcome this last slowdown and get his speeds back up to the 12 Mb/s that he gets directly on his computer. Now Don can stream content in HD from America on his television. Even better!

Why does the VPN Router slow down the connection?

VPN Routers are modified consumer grade routers from companies like Cisco or Asus. To put it plainly, these routers are really dumb computers meant to do one thing – route traffic wirelessly to the internet. Sabai Technology adds a lot of extra capability to the router by asking it to connect to the VPN. Because VPN includes encryption and compression it is a lot of work for these simple routers.

The reason your computer is so much faster at processing VPN traffic is because it is much more powerful. Sabai had the idea that if we could couple the VPN Router with a simple, small computer that could do the extra work of the VPN it would speed up the process quite a bit. So, that is what we did. The VPN Accelerator is basically a small computer that works with your VPN Router by Sabai giving you the best possible routing speeds for VPN.

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