Customer Spotlight: Prioritizing Anonymity & Security

David uses a Sabai VPN Router with StrongVPN from inside the United States. While David uses his VPN connection to see websites in the UK that would otherwise be blocked, he admits that mostly, his concern is with security and anonymity.

In particular, David enjoys the anonymity provided to him when using VPN with his Xbox Live. The VPN also prevents David from experiencing denial of service attacks on Xbox Live. Finally, David enjoys the extra layer of security that VPN provides, because it “makes it much harder for people to use key-loggers and Trojan Viruses on me.”

It is this freedom and peace of mind that David enjoys the most. “I recommend Sabai Technology VPN Routers to everyone and anyone. They are very reliable and the tech support is one of the best I have ever seen.”

David connects to his StrongVPN account from a Linksys E3000.

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