Getting inspired for 2013

20,000 Days and CountingSabai Technology customers tend to lead exciting lives, full of adventure and travel. Just looking at our customer map, one can only imagine the diversity and excitement that some of these expats experience day to day. Our staff is inspired and impressed by the courage and intensity that Sabai customers commit to their everyday lives.

The world just celebrated the start of 2013, another year of promise and untold adventures. Sabai founder and President William Haynes, who has experienced his share of adventure and travel himself, is one of those people that seems to have done it all. As a missionary and expat in Thailand, he and his family experienced a breathtaking new culture and the seeds where planted for the company that would later become Sabai Technology. Earlier in life, as a Tony Robbins coach, William traveled the country and met an array of brilliant and inspiring thought leaders.

One such thought leader, recently making headlines, is Robert D. Smith. Usually a ‘behind the scenes’ guy, Robert has managed the career of best-selling author and motivational speaker Andy Andrews for over 30 years. Recently, Robert shared some of his own wisdom and insight in a newly published book, 20,000 Days and Counting.

When asked why a reader should be interested in this book, Robert says:

“We all have things we want to accomplish. So why are we waiting? 20,000 Days and Counting will give you the tools and mindset you need to begin completing the major “musts” in your life today. Unfortunately, though we can count our days, we ultimately do not know how many we will have. Now is the time to take advantage of each and every day.”

Early on, Robert shared a draft of his book with William. After reading it, William realized that this book could change people’s lives. He offered encouragement and insight to Robert along the way, and even gets a mention in the acknowledgements.

While many Sabai Technology customers are already taking life by the horns and living each day to it’s fullest, we all need the occasional inspiration. If you – or someone you know – needs a bit of encouragement to accomplish some lofty goal, try picking up 20,000 Days and Counting.

“You do not choose to be born. You do not choose your parents. You do not choose the time period in which you are born. You do not choose the country of your birth. You do not choose the circumstances of your upbringing. In most cases, you do not choose to die. You do not choose the time or conditions of your death. In ALL the realms of this choicelessness, we do choose how we will live.”

May your 2013 be exciting and uplifting! Sabai Technology wants to help you get motivated by offering a FREE copy of 20,000 Days and Counting with your Sabai Technology order, while supplies last. Simply request a copy of the book in your order notes at checkout and we will include it in your shipment, at no additional cost to you.

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