Help … my company moved to Google docs and we can’t access it from China!

A Sabai Technical Support team member recently received this email from a customer:

I have been a happy home user in China of your VPN router solution. Recently, my company moved globally to Google docs, and we need access to it in China. Do you think it is reasonable to use one of your routers in my offices?

The Sabai team was happy to work with long time customer on exactly what router his employees need to use Google docs in their China offices. With a VPN Router by Sabai and a VPN service provider, the China offices can redirect their IP address to a country that doesn’t block Google. When the network traffic is routing through the VPN servers first, the office will have no trouble accessing these company documents.

Our techs recommended that this customer get the Asus N66U with Sabai OS for their offices, because power and speed are critical for a business application.

Are you trying to overcome a IP location headache at your office?  Tell us about it in comments and we will see if our techs have a solution for you!

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