OSv5 Tech Alert and Update

An issue has been uncovered in OSv5, which results in corrupted static IP assignments. A V501 has been released to fix this issue. For customers who use a VPN Accelerator or the Static IP function of their Sabai VPN Routers, this update is very important. Customers not using these advanced functions are also invited to update the firmware of their Sabai VPN Router to keep them updated with the most recent version. You can check the current version number of your Sabai OS by looking at the top right corner of your Sabai VPN Router interface when logged into your VPN Router.

The V501 update does not require a complete NVRAM (settings) erase, however, you will  need to run a command on the Systems page, found under Diagnostics in the menu. To get your OSv501 upgrade file, please send a request email to support@sabaitechnology.com. Below are the entire, step-by-step instructions for upgrading your Sabai VPN Router to OSv501.

1. Download the file provided by Sabai Technical Support, that matches your Sabai VPN Router model.

2. Log into your Sabai VPN Router by visiting in either Firefox, Chrome or Safari and entering in your username and password.

3. Once inside the Sabai VPN Router, navigate to Upgrade in the main menu and click to visit the Upgrade page.

4. In the Upgrade page, click Choose and navigate to the OSv501 file you downloaded in step 1. Click Open then Upgrade. DO NOT check the delete NVRAM box.

5. Do not interrupt the Sabai VPN Router or the browser window during flashing and reboot.

6. Once the Sabai VPN Router reboots, log back in and visit Diagnostics>System in the menu. In the dialog box, copy and paste the following line of code:

nvram unset dhcpd_static

7. Click Execute.

8. Reboot your Sabai VPN Router.

The System command will erase your Static IP page, so those will need to be reset. If you have any question regarding this version update or upgrading your Sabai OS, please do not hesitate to email Sabai at support@sabaitechnology.com.


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