Sabai OS V4: Dual Gateway Capability

The next feature we have added to the Sabai OS V4 is the dual gateway. Dual gateway allows you to assign which devices will receive local connections and which devices will receive a VPN connection.  Previously, dual gateway was only possible with 2 routers, but we have captured all of the power of dual wan within one router!

Here is how it works.

The Sabai Technology router must first be set up with a VPN connection.  After you have a VPN tunnel, activate the dual gateway function within the router.

Each device requires a static DHCP IP address to take advantage of the dual gateway capability. To automatically assign a static DHCP IP address, you simply connect the device to the router and add it to the list.  The connection will default to local internet. You can choose VPN from the drop down list to change the device connection to VPN. Make sure to disconnect and reconnect each device to establish routing with the new address.

See how simple it is?

Additional information regarding dual gateway: If you have set the Network WAN/Internet Setting to PPPoE, the dual gateway will not function. You must have a separate device to run the PPPoE.

24 Responses to Sabai OS V4: Dual Gateway Capability

  • Nate Bailey says:


    This is exciting! Since when have I ever been excited about router firmware or software rather. Sooo cooooool!!!! You sold me on it!

    Way to go!!!

  • Rogelio Pinilla says:

    I update my router firmware with the sabai OS V4 and been testing the dual gateway and it works great. So easy to use.

    Excellent work….

  • Ammar Zaater says:

    i can only describe the Dual Gateway in Two Words: A PIECE OF ART
    thank you Sabai, you made our lives more advanced, keep it up with your awesome inventions

  • Ammar Zaater says:

    am so excited, let me know if i can Help in any Beta Test

  • Jerry says:

    what is the difference between “vpn” and “turbo vpn” settings in the dual gateway setup?

    • Great question! vpn is the vpn on the Sabai router. VPN Accelerator is designed for a new product that is currently in development. It is a Atom Based computer (very small but powerful), that will sit behind your router and can process the VPN at extremely high speeds. We have customers in areas with internet speeds of 50, 100, and even 200 mb. This will allow those customers the ability to run the tunnel as fast as a computer will let them (factoring in distance, traffic congestion, etc). We are currently accepting customers who would like to be on the beta team (hardware at special pricing) and expect to begin beta within 2-3 months.

      We appreciate you being a Sabai Technology customer and are working hard to bring new capabilities to our products!

      • Ammar says:

        Dear William
        is`t necessary to have a very high speed internet(50-200MB) to be able to contribute in VPN accelerator Beta?

        • No, anyone would benefit from the vpn accelerator, as it will move the speeds to what you would experience directly connected with a computer. Those with high speed connections will probably see the biggest “bang for the buck”. The beta list is open to the first 10+ users who ask to be on the list, who are current Sabai Technology customers and have our SabaiOS v4 on their router. It’s also helpful if you are already using Dual Gateway, so are familiar with how it works. The upside is that we’ll have to rename dual gateway, as you can have a VPN running on your main Sabai Router and a second VPN on the VPN Accelerator. Our friends in Bermuda who love both US and UK TV, it will be a big plus!

          • chrisotopher says:

            If you are still looking for beta testers I am a computer programmer and own your router at that version, use the dual VPN feature dailys, and would love to be a beta tester for your accelerator.

          • sabaitechnology says:

            Christopher, I just sent you an email that will give you access to beta testing. If you have any questions or trouble, please let us know.

            Sabai Team

  • Jerry says:

    I would be interested in beta testing. I have the new OS + Linksys e3000 and a 100mbit connection out of Singapore. Interested to see if I get better throughput to US. Jerry

  • Michael Hart says:

    I would be interested in beta testing. I have the new OS running on a Linksys E4200. My connection is 100Mbps locally; unfortunately my Strong OpenVPN connection rarely exceeds 2.5Mbps so I would be really interested in speeding this up! I am connecting from Melbourne, Australia to a West Coast (San Francisco) server.

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  • Jonathan says:

    In regards to the one segment:
    “Additional information regarding dual gateway: If you have set the Network WAN/Internet Setting to PPPoE, the dual gateway will not function. You must have a separate device to run the PPPoE.”

    ….what is the additional equipment that someone would need if they have an ISP that forces their customers to have PPPoE settings?

    • sabaitechnology says:


      This was an issue in 1.04, it is fixed in 1.047i. If you are using 1.04, you can contact support for an update at If you haven’t purchased a VPN Router or VPN Accelerator from Sabai yet, the version you order will not have this issue. Let us know if you have any further questions!

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