Sabai OSv5 Has Arrived!

The long awaited arrival of Sabai OSv5 is finally here and has brought an entire new generation of VPN Routers with it! If users thought OSv4 was user friendly, the new operating system is sure to please. Sabai OSv5 includes a new interface design, improved gateway feature, cleaner code for a better user experience, better VPN Accelerator integration, simple product registration, and expanded VPN compatibility.

New Interface Design

For those of you paying attention, we launched a new logo in 2013. The good news is, we didn’t stop there. The new interface design is brighter and feels cleaner. Navigation and layout didn’t change much, but the overall effect is less “geek” and more modern. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a sneak peek:

Improved Gateway Feature

Customers who like to manage all of their local and VPN devices from a single router connection will LOVE the new gateway setup. One change that is immediately obvious is the name change – previously called “dual gateway” the menu now simply states, “GATEWAYS.” Why the change? Primarily this decision was driven by the fact that, with a VPN Accelerator, a tri-gateway is not only possible but easy to set up. (More posts on that later!) In addition to the possibility of tri-gateway, customers will notice that the new GATEWAYS is easier to use and more functional. Listen to what some of our beta users have to say when asked about their favorite new feature:

The design is clearly laid out and I love the new Gateway section and that I can assign the [VPN Accelerator] automatically for all devices. I also noticed a slight speed improvement for the download part. – Chris

Default gateway! I love the hassle free management! – Chris M.

The new dual gateway setting is amazing.  I have 12 ip cameras that would take around 30 seconds to all load in on the old OS.  They now load instantly. – Steve

 Look for more information and videos about GATEWAYS, coming soon!

Cleaner Code

Although the firmware continues to be based in Tomato, the Sabai development team has re-written entire sections of the OS from the ground up – including the way OpenVPN and PPTP are handled. This new code is more efficient, increasing load times and providing an overall better customer experience. One of the code changes also fixes the Linksys E4200 dual band issue. We can almost hear the world-wide cheer, as customers who have lamented the single-band limit finally get to use both 2.4 & 5 GHz simultaneous throughput. (Note: E4200 customers will be eligible for a free upgrade. Look for a redemption email coming soon!)

Better VPN Accelerator Integration

Not only is the GATEWAYS feature easier to use and more intuitive, but, it is now extremely stable. Customers who have had issues with the VPN Accelerators stability in the past will be overjoyed with the performance of the new OSv5. (Note: VPN Accelerator customers will be eligible for a free upgrade. Look for a redemption email coming soon!)

Simple Product Registration

Newly shipped products now don’t have to worry about 6-digit codes or other long strings of numbers. Simply enter your email address and click Activate. Customers upgrading will be required to get an activation token from tech support during the update process.

Expanded VPN Compatibility

Sabai VPN Routers have always worked with standard OpenVPN configurations, but, have been limited by external file references and usernames and passwords. No more. Now, Sabai VPN Routers are compatible with:

VPN providers who offer a unified .ovpn file with inline certs, keys and passwords, such as StrongVPN.

VPN providers who offer an array of external files such as .certs and .keys, usually in a zip file.

VPN providers who offer either a single .ovpn file or an array of files and require a username/password.

While we can’t guarantee that Sabai VPN Routers will work with any VPN provider, the expanded compatibility will cover most providers configurations. If you aren’t sure if your VPN company is compatible, feel free to ask us in comments, or send a sample of your configuration file to Our technical support department would be happy to test your file for you.

Current Sabai Technology customers who are interested in upgrading their current routers will receive invitation emails in the coming days. Be sure to check your inbox!

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