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Sabai Tech U Logo-01Not only does Sabai Technology have a new website, but we also have a new blog. In an effort to make VPN and VPN Router information more digestible for any and everyone we have organized important content for any level of knowledge.  We understand that not everyone is a technology guru. As much as it pains our development team, not everyone wants to know the intricate details about configuring routers, OpenVPN vs. PPTP, and so on. With that in mind, we thought it best to design our blog to suit the multiple ways people learn. Whether you have a beginner, intermediate, or expert level of knowledge we have organized content to make searching for answers easier, as well as grouping content by subject.

Here is a sneak peek at how we have organized important content for you:

stu ex

Sabai Tech U, is all about information to suit your needs and learning styles. We have informative videos, infographics and in-depth content all brought to you by the latest addition to our Sabai family, STU.

STU 1-01

So here’s a little about STU:

  • STU sees himself as the Bruce WAN of the internet providing the ultimate level of protection… for your data, of course.
  • STU will protect you from VTD’s (Virtually Transmitted Diseases) like direct traffic attacks, packet sniffing, and location-based content blocking because your safety and happiness is his numero uno priority, especially when you’re both out and about surfing the mean streams of the internet.

He likes:

  • Streaming long movies on the beach.
  • The security in knowing that your data is encrypted and protected from any hackers trying to come between the connection he shares with you.
  • Are you located in a far off destination? No worries! STU has the solution; Sabai’s Gateway feature gives you the flexibility you’ve always dreamed of in a long-distance relationship.
  • STU’s ideal date would be to visit Australia, or as he puts it, ‘the LAN down under’.

So if you are ever wondering what to do, just go to Sabai Tech U and see just what STU can do for you! And as always you can reach out to our technical support guru’s 7 days a week. Simply email

Troubleshoot Tuesday: Hulu Fix for StrongVPN OpenVPN and PPTP customers

It’s been about a month now, and you STILL don’t have Hulu Plus back. That’s unfortunate! We’re here for a fix for those who haven’t  already reached out to us or StrongVPN to have the problem fixed. So, for those of you who are either too shy/stubborn to get help, or for those of you who would just rather be the Tech Geek and fix it yourself, here is a quick way to get Hulu working on all of your devices again as it should be. We at Sabai Technology always try to stay ahead of any issues that arise, but sometimes we’re even stumped and have to look to the VPN Providers themselves to help us fix issues.


Fixing Hulu Plus

    1. Log into your Sabai Technology StrongVPN router at (Default information is admin/sabaipass123)
    2. Click on Network then OpenVPN/PPTP. Stop your VPN that is currently running.
    3. Press start again.2014-05-19 13_34_24-Add New Post ‹ Sabai Technology Blog — WordPress
    4. OpenVPN: Press Show Log.2014-05-19 12_37_28-[Sabai] OpenVPN
    5. PPTP: Press Status, then Logs. On that page, press Show Last 25 Lines2014-05-19 12_38_40-[Sabai] PPTP
    6. Find two listed DNS servers as shown.2014-05-19 12_35_46-[Sabai] OpenVPN
      2014-05-19 12_39_11-[Sabai] Status_ Logs
    7. Click Network, then Basic. Under LAN there are 3 static DNS servers listed. Change the first two to the DNS addresses found in your logs. Change the 3rd to 12_40_02-[Sabai] Basic_ Network
    8. Save at the bottom of the page, then reboot on the left hand side. Reboot all devices connected to Sabai router as well.
    9. Check Hulu and enjoy!

And lastly, for those of you having issues, or just feel more comfortable having someone to talk to during the process, reach out to us at!

Troubleshoot Tuesday (VIDEO): Setting up OpenVPN on your Sabai Technology StrongVPN Router.

At Sabai Technology we understand that not everyone absorbs information in the same way. So we are revamping some of our most popular blog post to include instructional videos. This week we’re showing you how to set up OpenVPN on your Sabai Technology StrongVPN Router. Sabai OS is the easiest VPN setup, but each VPN Router purchase comes with 3 months of complimentary Sabai Freedom. Sabai Freedom can be used for initial setup (because you have enough going on, why not let us walk you through), or for any issues and updates along the way. StrongVPN has 24 hour Technical Support over chat on their website. So you have an added layer of security when things go wrong.

StrongVPN was among the first VPN providers Sabai Technology VPN Routers worked with. StrongVPN provides excellent service and many Sabai customers use their extensive network of IP addresses to ensure security, anonymity, and IP re-location on their home network. You might say that Sabai and StrongVPN make a great team.

StrongVPN customers often opt for OpenVPN over PPTP because of it’s increased security and encryption. OpenVPN also tends to work in parts of the world that block PPTP. While setting up a Sabai VPN Router is relatively easy regardless of your connection type, OpenVPN does require the extra step of downloading a file from your provider and uploading it to the VPN Router.

Getting your OpenVPN File

Step One – Log into your StrongVPN account by visiting (Customers in China may need to use an alternate URL such as Please note that this login information is different than your Sabai Technology login information.

Visit and log into the customer account area.

Step Two – Once logged into the Customer Area, hover over VPN Accounts and click on VPN Account Summary.

Go to VPN Accounts in the menu

Step Three – In the table named, Your OpenVPN (SSL) Accounts, visit the last column on the right and click the blackGet OpenVPN Config File button.

In the table, click on Get Config File

Step Four – On the Setup Instructions page, visit the Manual Setup- All Other Devices section, and click the Get OpenVPN config file button, which will begin a download.

Click on the Get OpenVPN file button under Manual Setup

Step Five – Save the file to a location in your computer that you will be able to retrieve easily, such as your Desktop or your Downloads, which is where most files will save.

Save File to documents or desktop

Starting the OpenVPN

Step One- Click on the OpenVPN link, click the Choose File button and find the file that you downloaded from StrongVPN and then click Start. If you make a change to the server or server settings, please load the new file.



The Sabai Technology StrongVPN connection status will display on the Status/Overview page.

openvpn connected


Once you are completely finished with setup and have successfully connected to the VPN, we recommend that you make a backup of your settings. Simply click on the Backup menu link and click Backup. This will save a file to your computer in case the Sabai Technology StrongVPN Router ever needs to be reprogrammed. Restore to the backup, click the Backup menu link, browse to the file and click Restore.

While we can make things simple though, sometimes you just need a little boost of help. Reach out to us at We’re always happy to get things working for you!


Troubleshoot Tuesday: What devices work with Sabai Technology VPN Routers?

What devices can Sabai Technology‘s Technical support team help me set up?

We would like to think that our support team can set up all of your devices and make them work flawlessly with your Sabai VPN Router; we certainly try. Our team loves technology and each one of us love our own specific type of devices:

  • - Developer Jen is all about heavy duty streaming in HD for the BBC’s coverage of any and all track and field sports.
  • - Our titan of tech, Tim, loves his VPN Router for securely encrypting his data. Not to brag, but that paranoia is what “won” him the title of Supreme Chancellor of the local ‘tinfoil hat’ society.
  • - And of course, we have to include our commander in speed, William.  Our head honcho adores everything about the concept of access to knowledge.  You never know what William and the development team are tinkering with, pushing themselves to discover what else our VPN Routers are capable of doing to make VPN that much more enjoyable for consumers.

but enough about us …

With the constant flow of new devices flooding the market there are always new, exciting technologies to experience with. But we have those tried, tested, and trusted devices we will recommend to our customers. If you have a device that we have never tested, have no fear.  There is nothing our team loves more than to try out new technology to see if either they can break it (*cough, Tim, cough*) or to find features to make wireless VPN pure bliss.

Check out our list below to find your favorite VPN device:


Streaming Devices

  • - Roku devices (Hint hint, you may want to pay close attention to our accessories line in the next few weeks …)
  • - Apple TV
  • - Amazon Fire TV
  • - Your everyday Smart TV
  • - Xbox consoles
  • - Playstation consoles


VOIP Devices

  • - Ooma Personal or Office
  • - Vonage
  • - Magicjack

Range Extenders

  • - Our personal favorite and the easiest to set up, the D-Link DAP-1320 Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • - Belkin Dual-Band Wireless Range Extender
  • - Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N-Range Extender

Misc. Devices

  • - Almost all tablets
  • - Laptops
  • - Cellphones
  • - Home Security Cameras

Did we miss anything? I bet with a little research and some good ol’ one-on-one Technical Support we could certainly find your ideal solution. Not ready to get all the perks that come along with getting the Sabai Freedom Support Package?

Reach out to us at and we will be more than happy to resolve your issues, VPN Router issues that is.  Although Ruth’s advice is next to priceless but that’s for another blog post.


freedom-icons sf


Troubleshoot Tuesday: We can fix that! Sabai Freedom Edition!


Before March 21st, our Sabai Technology VPN Router customers knew they had 90 days of automatic Technical Support if they needed help setting up the router. What happens if you do not receive the router for 60 days because you’re in the military, or your family had to keep it in the states until they came to visit? You could set up your router without help from anyone on our team, then all of a sudden your VPN is super slow or not working at all.

New customers can be assured that their complimentary 90 days of Sabai Freedom begins the moment they register. We are including cards in all packages that direct customers to a website where they can register and begin using their 90 days of Sabai Freedom. It also allows us to keep up with customers that have possibly purchased from other companies. This way, we can make sure you’re getting the help you need.

The initial Sabai Freedom that comes with your router allows for 90 days of one on one Technical Support. No more waiting on the phone for someone to talk you through the process. Ruth or Hannah can remote into your computer and get to the bottom of whatever issue without you having to touch the mouse. It also includes FREE firmware upgrades during your 90 day trial. (Hint hint, we have a surprise soon!) Our long term customers know the value of Sabai Freedom after the initial 90 days is completely worth it, especially for those less technically savvy. Click here to read the reviews for yourself. Everything you get for 90 days in the beginning, you’ll have for a year, and trust us, A LOT can change in one year. Plus, Sabai Freedom will cover your router and your Accelerator, or two routers if you have them. We’ll upgrade both and support both without any issues.

DD-WRT is long gone from being our choice of firmware for our routers, due to the lack of user friendliness. What William started back in 2010 has grown tremendously over the years. That isn’t to say that some customers aren’t still using DD-WRT on their Sabai Technology VPN Router. Over the years changes have been made to make sure we make your VPN experience as user friendly as possible. That’s why we always recommend our customers upgrade their routers to our newest firmware version. We wouldn’t upgrade it if we didn’t think the pros outweighed the cons! Plus, who wants to have to solve all of their problems over email or phone? You’re busy enough, wouldn’t you rather just have us fix the problem for you (not to brag, but we’re really good at this). We can make sure you get the time you deserve to get all of your issues solved and all of your devices connected.

Once again, we have a surprise coming up soon, and we don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we think it’s going to be pretty nice. Some of you have been waiting for an update to fix QOS graphs, and port forwarding issues, among other things. Oh, did we mention that we may have a surprise for our customers with Accelerators? Don’t miss out on all the benefits from a Sabai Freedom purchase and we hope to see you on our Technical Support calendar really soon.

Troubleshoot Tuesday: VotreVPN and Sabai Technology’s OpenVPN feature

Part 3 of our 5 week OpenVPN setup for companies starts now. This week is VotreVPN. Based in France, they’re a small company allowing customers all over the world to access their French content. Make sure you can read French or have a translator on your browser, as the whole website is in French! Since December of 2012, 2242 accounts have been made. While only a small amount of those may be using a Sabai Technology VPN router, we’re hopeful that more customers will see the joy in the combination of VotreVPN’s OpenVPN paired with a Sabai Technology VPN router.

Getting your OpenVPN files:

  1. Access your account at and click Client Support

  2. OpenVPN Config download. Click on Installation Guides and then on Routers. Find the link to the file and click it. A zip file will download. Please extract this file to a location you can find later. 

Setting up your OpenVPN:

  1. Return to the router control panel at in your web browser
  2. Click on Network and OpenVPN. Click Choose File, find the folder that you extracted and choose the ovpn file.
  3. Router will then ask for the ca.crt file which will be located in the same extracted folder. Click Choose File and then Upload.
  4. Click Show File then Edit and enter your account username and account password, click Done then click Save then click Start. 

Week 3 was easy enough. Most of our official affiliates have made life really easy for customers. Easier for you and easier for us! Still waiting on a company? Send us an email at

Troubleshoot Tuesday: Using 12 VPN with a Sabai Technology VPN Router

For the next 5 weeks, looks like Sabai Technology is providing instructions for our customers! We’re adding new companies left and right and would like to take some time to let out customers know how to set up the OpenVPN within our router. We know it can get a little difficult at times! We’ve already done ton of companies which can be found throughout the blog, or we keep instructions for those companies listed here:

12 VPN is a small company that prides themselves on the options they include for their customers. One HUGE perk for some customers would be that they allow their customers to request custom servers in a location of their choosing. They use a automatic server deployment server to be able to get their customers the server location they would like quickly and efficiently. Could be a big perk especially for our Canadian or Mexican customers, needing a very very close server to the border in order to get the best speeds.

Get your VPN information:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. OpenVPN: Click on Downloads and scroll down to the Routers section. Click on OpenVPN on Sabai Technology and download the server file you wish to use.

Setting up OpenVPN:

  1. Click on the OpenVPN link, click the Choose File button and find the file that you downloaded from 12VPN. Click Show File/Edit and enter your account username and password and then click Done/Save.
  2.  Click Start to start the VPN. Repeat to change server.

Notice anything new about our instructions? We’re trying to make things extremely easy for our customers now which is going to include more pictures and easier to follow steps. Don’t worry customers of ExpressVPN, VotreVPN, VyrpVPN, and seed4me, your instructions are coming up within the next few weeks! Can’t wait until then and wanna take a look at the instructions now or know of a company we should reach out to about a partnership? Let us know at

Sabai Technology Snow Day Information

Sabai offices are closed today, due to road conditions.
Phone lines & e-mail operations are normal, but shipments will be delayed.
We apologize for any inconvenience

Customer Spotlight: The Ease of Connecting

Chris M. from Germany uses Sabai Technology’s Asus RT-N66U featuring Sabai OS and the VPN Accelerator with StrongVPN to speed up his VPN connection for streaming in HD.

During his time in the United States Chris enjoyed watching TV series and movies. In Germany many of the wonderful series never hit their TV’s and due to IP blocking it is not possible to watch Netflix, Hulu, ABC, etc. So Chris asked himself how can connect to the content he wanted to watch while being back in Germany. He found StrongVPN and after a few month he saw an ad on the StrongVPN page showing a Sabai router. He always wanted to connect his Apple TV through wireless VPN.

Chris got in contact with Sabai and says that he “was impressed with how Sabai’s answers were extremely detailed. Installation was quick and easy and it still works like a charm”. He was missing the speed for watching HD content and saw that Sabai offered a beta testing for the VPN Accelerator “no question – I got in and ordered one”.

The overall experience was important to Chris, “The Sabai Team is always very friendly, extremely helpful and has wonderful products. I’m a really satisfied customer”.  That is

Do you want to share a story like Chris’s? Let Sabai Technology know!

Sabai at CES

If you follow Sabai Technology on Twitter and Facebook, you would have noticed that last week some of our staff was at CES in Las Vegas. It was Sabai’s first time attending the event and we can say with confidence – we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!

You may think you understand how large of an event CES is. But trust us, until you experience it for yourself, there is no way to grasp just how many miles and miles of booths there are to cover. It took a solid three days to see it all, and we still feel like we missed a lot of exciting stuff.

Between the Internet of Everything and the increased ubiquity of wireless devices in our everyday lives – the “tech home” and “wireless” categories of CES have become extremely broad. Our goals for going where to check out the trends in routing. There were several great router manufacturers represented at the conference and we caught up with several of them. Here is what we noticed:

AC is taking over.

If anyone doubted that AC is becoming the new standard, let them be corrected. While N routers are still going to be available for the near future, AC is coming fast and strong. Most new product offerings from the big brands – Linksys, TP-Link, Asus, ec. – are AC. Sabai is working on getting the drivers for these released so that we can work them into our development path. Stay tuned!

Bigger (and badder) is better.

While most of tech is getting smaller, routers seem to just be taking up more real estate. In particular, models like the Netgear Nighthawk and the Linksys WRT 1900AC are beastly and rugged looking – perfect for all that off-road wireless you’re planning on doing this weekend.

Near and far.

Really two ends of a spectrum, both close-range travel routers and amplified wireless seem to be hitting the market strongly. While the latter can be explained by our ever increasing need for pool-side wireless coverage (#firstworldproblems) the former can be explained by our ever increasing need for secure connectivity outside the home. Earlier this year, Sabai published instructions for using a Sabai router on-the-go in wireless client mode. We are currently vetting possible additions to our product line in the pocket-size router category, for business travelers.

While this is far from everything we saw this year at CES, it is certainly the most relevant. As for what else we got up to, you know the saying. What happens in Vegas …

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