Top five ways the VPN Accelerator can improve your VPN experience.

1. Stream in HD. If you didn’t have enough speed to stream your video in HD on your VPN Router before, you certainly can with your VPN Accelerator. Looks like it might be time to update your queue.

2. Better Game Play. Online role player games like World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, The Secret World and even your Xbox Live game play will be smoother and faster without the annoying buffer you may be used to. Game on.

3. Improved VOIP. If you live thousands of miles away from your family and friends, Voice Over IP is your best friend. You probably already know that using VOIP on VPN gives you lower call rates, but the conversation might be a bit choppy on your current VPN network setup. Not anymore. No more robot voice with your VPN Accelerator.

4. More Users. If you share your VPN network with a spouse or kids, you probably get frustrated with limited bandwidth. With the Accelerator managing your VPN network, it is no problem for one of you to stream Netflix while the other is streaming Pandora, downloading, playing games or just surfing the web. More bandwidth = more capacity!

5. Download Faster. Your increased bandwidth with the VPN Accelerator will allow you to upload and download faster than ever before. For instance, an increase from 2 to 10 Mbps could lower the download time of a Gig of information from over an hour to just 15 minutes!

Whatever you are spending your online time doing, the increase in bandwidth that the VPN Accelerator by Sabai would provide is going to make your browsing experience faster and your connection smoother. To see if your setup would benefit from the VPN Accelerator, take our handy speed quiz.

Don’t have a VPN Router by Sabai yet? Start with our VPN Accelerator bundle. If you already have a VPN Router by Sabai, you can pre-order your Accelerator now and get in line for this amazing product. Your purchase includes an upgrade to our latest Sabai OS as well as 90 days of Sabai Freedom, our one-on-one support package.

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