Troubleshoot Tuesday: Could a single device be your VPN network speed killer?

Troubleshoot Tuesday

Sometimes, speed issues can be resolved by a simple process of elimination. While settings in your OpenVPN configuration or the VPN Router itself can be an issue (you can read previous speed troubleshooting blog posts) an individual device on your network could be the culprit for draining wireless speeds.

Here is one very easy (though admittedly time consuming) way to determine if a particular device is the culprit for low network speeds:

  1. While your Sabai wireless VPN network is up and running, disconnect all of your wireless devices except your computer.
  2. Open a web browser, and visit or
  3. Make sure the speed test website is connecting you to your VPN server (if not, something isn’t working right! Note: if you are using the site, you will need to manually put in an address local to your VPN server.). Begin the speed test.
  4. Use these results as a base-line reading for speed. Begin adding back devices, one at a time to the network. Run a speed test, to the same server, between each addition.

You should notice an incremental decrease in speed as you continue to add devices to the VPN wireless network, but nothing significant. If any particular device causes a significant decrease in speed, you may need to either manage this device or change some settings that are interfering with the VPN Router.

Did you know that Sabai Technology Technical Support can help you get the best speeds on your network? If you have a Sabai Freedom Support Package, you can make an appointment with our technical support to optimize your VPN network speeds!


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