Troubleshoot Tuesday: Help! UDP is blocked in my country!

Troubleshoot Tuesday

Internet freedom has been having a rough month. First, this happened, and then the international communications conference all but failed. The consequences of government internet control come in various forms. In some places, it means oversight of online activity, in some countries it is information filtering. The worst offenders though, block entire subsections of the internet, like social media.

Recently, UDP – the protocol that controls OpenVPN – has been completely blocked by some tightly controlled regimes, effectively cutting VPN off at the knees. Luckily, our friends at StrongVPN, as well as other VPN providers, responded quickly. It came, however, at the expense of speed.

Luckily, StrongVPN didn’t just stop at “fixed but slow.” Not only is there a specially optimized script available for UDP-blocked countries, but there is a version of this script especially for VPN Router customers!

Here is how you access your VPN Router specialized script for UDP-blocked countries:

1. Log into your StrongVPN account
2. Click on the VPN Accounts tab
3. Under the “actions” column click “quick config”

4. On the Changing VPN quick config page, click the drop down menu and choose “China Router/Speed.”

5. Click the “Change Quick Config” button to generate your optimized script.
6. Upload this new, optimized script to your Sabai VPN Router!

The optimization settings are a bit different for a router vs. a computer so make sure you choose the China Router/Speed configuration, not the China (5xx UDP) if you are using a VPN Router. If these settings still don’t help your speed, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with our Technical Support Team.



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