Troubleshoot Tuesday: How to connect your StrongVPN PPTP account

The recent “How to download your StrongVPN OpenVPN file” blog post has proven a popular tool for new customers so we thought we should do a similar post for PPTP! For customers who are new to VPN Routers, PPTP may seem a bit easier than OpenVPN, just because there is no file download. To run your PPTP connection over your Sabai VPN Router you only need to have a few pieces of information from your VPN provider:

  1. Server Address
  2. Username (given by VPN provider, usually different from website login)
  3. Password (given by VPN provider, usually different from website login)

PPTP Sabai VPN Router Screen

If StrongVPN is your VPN provider, you can find this information as follows:

Step One - Log into your StrongVPN account by visiting (Customers in China may need to use an alternate URL). Please note that this login information is different than your Sabai Technology login information. It is also different from your PPTP login information.

Visit and log into the customer account area.

Step Two - Once logged into the Customer Area, hover over VPN Accounts and click on VPN Account Summary.

Go to VPN Accounts in the menu

Step Three - In the table named, Your PPTP Accounts, visit the last column on the right and click the black Account Setup Instructions button.

PPTP Account information

Step Four - In the area named, PPTP Account Info, you will find your Server Address, Login, and Password. Copy and paste these items directly into the VPN Router PPTP page for accuracy, and/or write them down for future use. Your Login and Password for PPTP will be different from your customer login information.

PPTP Account Information for VPN Router input

Note: If you live in an area that may have difficulty resolving a web address, you can use the Server IP information interchangeably with the Server Address. Also note that if you change your server location, you will have to re-enter this PPTP information into the VPN Router. 

Now you have the appropriate PPTP information for your VPN Router! This will allow you to run your entire home network over your PPTP StrongVPN account. If you aren’t sure where to input your PPTP information in the Sabai VPN Router, you can review the Sabai VPN Router setup instructions.

Every VPN provider is going to have a slightly different process for accessing server information. If you would like us to do a Troubleshoot Tuesday reviewing how to find your providers PPTP server information, please let us know in comments! As always, if you have trouble with your VPN Router setup you can make an appointment to work with our technical support or call 864-962-4072. If you have questions before you buy a Sabai VPN Router, you can start a ticket using the support tab on our homepage or by emailing us at

One Response to Troubleshoot Tuesday: How to connect your StrongVPN PPTP account

  • Baynetwork says:

    Above you will find two methods to connect your StrongVPN Dynamic PPTP account to your DD-WRT router. We got working StrongVPN PPTP account on Boxee Box by D-Link. Connect Boxee Box to Internet and open Network options.

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