Troubleshoot Tuesday: How to download your StrongVPN Open VPN file

StrongVPN was among the first VPN providers Sabai Technology VPN Routers worked with. StrongVPN provides excellent service and many Sabai customers use their extensive network of IP addresses to ensure security, anonymity, and IP re-location on their home network. You might say that Sabai and StrongVPN make a great team.

StrongVPN customers often opt for OpenVPN over PPTP because of it’s increased security and encryption. OpenVPN also tends to work in parts of the world that block PPTP. While setting up a Sabai VPN Router is relatively easy regardless of your connection type, OpenVPN does require the extra step of downloading a file from your provider and uploading it to the VPN Router.

In case you aren’t sure where to download your .OVPN file from StrongVPN, here is a handy and visual guide to that process:

Step One – Log into your StrongVPN account by visiting (Customers in China may need to use an alternate URL). Please note that this login information is different than your Sabai Technology login information.

Visit and log into the customer account area.

Step Two – Once logged into the Customer Area, hover over VPN Accounts and click on VPN Account Summary.

Go to VPN Accounts in the menu


Step Three РIn the table named, Your OpenVPN (SSL) Accounts, visit the last column on the right and click the black Get OpenVPN Config File button.

In the table, click on Get Config File


Step Four – On the Setup Instructions page, visit the Manual Setup- All Other Devices section, and click the Get OpenVPN config file button, which will begin a download.

Click on the Get OpenVPN file button under Manual Setup


Step Five – Save the file to a location in your computer that you will be able to retrieve easily, such as your Desktop or your Documents.


Save File to documents or desktop

Now you have the appropriate file to upload into your VPN Router! This will allow you to run your entire home network over your OpenVPN StrongVPN account. If you aren’t sure where to upload your .ovpn file in the Sabai VPN Router, you can review the Sabai VPN Router setup instructions.

Every VPN provider is going to have a slightly different process for downloading a .OVPN file. If you would like us to do a Troubleshoot Tuesday reviewing how to download your providers .OVPN file, please let us know in comments! As always, if you have trouble with your VPN Router setup you can make an appointment to work with our technical support or call 864-962-4072. If you have questions before you buy a Sabai VPN Router, you can start a ticket using the support tab on our homepage or by emailing us at



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