Troubleshoot Tuesday: How to get OSv5!

If you are already a Sabai Technology customer, you might be interested in upgrading your Sabai VPN Router to OSv5 (in fact, we recommend it!). We have begun sending out upgrade emails to customers whose past purchases make them eligible for OSv5. Eligible customers include those who have purchased a VPN Accelerator or E4200 and customers who are within a Sabai Freedom subscription period. (In order to accommodate tech support for all customers, we are sending these emails in waves. If you meet the criteria and have not yet received your email, please be patient.) If you do not currently have Sabai Freedom and would like to upgrade from OSv4 to OSv5, you can purchase Sabai Freedom on our website.

Upgrading from OSv4 to OSv5 is easy. We made an (admittedly choppy) video showing the upgrade process. Not sure if you can handle the upgrade process on your own? Check out how simple it is:

Looking for written upgrade instructions? Download them here.

A few important notes about upgrading to OSv5:

- Customers who are on DD-WRT can not use the same upgrade process as Sabai OSv4 customers. Please contact if you would like to upgrade from DD-WRT to Sabai OSv5.

- Not all router models may be compatible with OSv5. If you receive an upgrade email and do not see your router model listed, do not proceed with the update.

- The OSv5 update WILL wipe all of your current network configuration settings.

- Upgrade file links will expire after one month. If you have not been able to upgrade your VPN Router during that time frame, please contact

- When you purchase Sabai Freedom, your new OSv5 update is not automated. We like to do things the human way here at Sabai, so you may have a small delay before you receive your update email.

- Once you begin your update, you will need to email a router generated code to tech support. Tech support will email back a 30-digit activation token. Please be aware that our office hours are Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST (-5 GMT) and responses will be made during those hours.

- Always use Chrome, Firefox or Safari when you access your Sabai Router, as the interface does not work in Internet Explorer.


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