Troubleshoot Tuesday: How to get started with SurfBouncer OpenVPN

SurfBouncer customers who are setting up their Sabai VPN Router for the first time will appreciate the following guide for finding their .OVPN file and getting their personal VPN account set up on their router.

Download the Configuration from

SurfBouncer Linux Download Page

  1. Visit
  2. Click the Click Here to DOWNLOAD link
  3. This link will instigate a .zip download with all SurfBouncer OpenVPN configuration files.
  4. Choose the .ovpn file that corresponds with your preferred server location.
  5. Out of this folder you will also need the .crt and .key files.
  6. Users can either move these files to an easy to find location, like the desktop or users can unzip the folder in it’s download location and navigate to the SurfBouncer_config folder from the router.

Upload the Files to a Sabai VPN Router

OpenVPN Files Upload

  1. In either Chrome or Firefox, visit and log in to the VPN Router.
  2. In the main menu, visit the OpenVPN page to upload your chosen .ovpn file.
  3. Following the prompts, upload the .crt and .key files.
  4. Click  Show File and Edit to input your SurfBouncer Username and Password.
  5. Click Done, Save and Start to run OpenVPN.
  6. Check the upper right hand corner for confirmation that the OpenVPN is working.

Open VPN Files Password

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