Troubleshoot Tuesday: Setting Up An External Hard Drive On Wireless VPN

Troubleshoot Tuesday


Customers who purchase the Sabai Asus RT-N66U, Linksys E4200, Linksys E3200, NETGEAR WNR3500L, or Belkin N300 Share  have access to a unique and helpful network feature. These VPN Routers have at least one USB port and can share a USB printer or external hard drive on the network, so they can be accessed wirelessly. By connecting an external drive to the network, you will be able to store documents, like photos, videos or music on the device and access them via a folder on your desktop. This setup is great for families with lots of digital media.

You will need:

- A Sabai VPN Router with at least one USB drive
- Formatted External Hard Drive with USB Cable Connection

Step One

Leaving your USB External Hard Drive disconnected, log in to your Sabai VPN Router by visiting in ether Firefox or Chrome. You will be required to log in. Username and password are on the directions that came with your Sabai VPN Router on page one, unless you changed them during setup.

Click on Advanced in the main menu. You may see a warning about advanced settings. Click okay.

Click on USB and NAS > USB Support. Make your settings match the image below:

USB Support Advanced Settings Screen Shot

Look different from your Sabai OS? This is a sneak peak of the new OS V5! Don’t worry, these settings are the same as the other versions.

Once these settings are in place, click Save and restart the Sabai VPN Router with the USB Hard Drive connected. Check this screen again. The USB Hard Drive should now show up under Attached Devices.

Step Two

Back under the USB and NAS menu, click on File Sharing. Pick a username and a password that is secure. Make your settings match the image below:

File sharing

Click Save.

Step Three

Setting up directory access is a little different on a Mac vs. PC:


Open Finder
Click Go > Connect to Server
Search for cifs://
Click Connect

Your share will appear under the ‘shared’ section of Finder.


Your share will appear automatically under the Network section, using the name you specified.

You may be prompted for the username and password you selected on the File Sharing page.

All Done!

Now, your files will be available to the entire Sabai Technology network. You can also add files to this folder via drag and drop, just like any other folder on your computer.

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