Troubleshoot Tuesday: No Ethernet Port on my MacBook Air!

Troubleshoot Tuesday

More and more, Sabai Technology customers are primarily concerned with connecting their Apple devices to VPN. Cross-platform issues are better now than ever before, but setting up a network of Mac devices can still present unique challenges. Luckily, the Sabai Support Team is well versed in setting up a wireless VPN network for Macs and can help you troubleshoot these issues.

Step one of the Sabai VPN Router setup instructions tell you to begin by connecting the Sabai VPN Router as follows:

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable from the Internet/WAN port on the Sabai VPN Router into an Ethernet port of your modem or primary router.
  2. Connect an Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port on your computer into LAN port 1 of the Sabai VPN Router. (After setup you can connect by wireless)
  3. Plug in the power and check that the power switch is moved to the on position. Wait for the power light to be solid.

But, what if you want to connect via your MacBook Air, which doesn’t feature an Ethernet port?

Setup a VPN Router with a MacBook AirApple’s innovative MacBook Air is known as the thinnest and lightest laptop of them all. If the MacBook Air acts as a primary computer in your home, step one presents a challenge. No Ethernet port!

Luckily, with the Sabai VPN Router, the solution is incredibly simple. Because each Sabai VPN Router is shipped out pre-configured with Sabai OS and ready to “plug and play,” there is already a wireless network built in for your MacBook to connect with.

  1. With your Sabai VPN Router plugged in, look for the sabai24 wireless network in your  Wi-Fi menu.
  2. Enter the default password, sabaipass123 to connect to the network.
  3. Continue with the Sabai VPN Router instructions as normal.

Remember, your network data is going out local until you enter your VPN client credentials on the VPN Network page of the Sabai VPN Router. However, once your OpenVPN or PPTP information is installed, you can switch not only your MacBook Air, but your AppleTV, Ipod, Iphone and any other wireless device – Mac or PC – to your VPN connection.

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