Troubleshoot Tuesday: Running a DNS Server alongside a Sabai VPN Router

Troubleshoot Tuesday


Speed is one of the biggest concerns that Sabai Technology customers face. Often, local speed is downgraded by the VPN service, how your ISP handles VPN traffic, and then again by the overhead of a VPN Router. While Sabai works hard to make sure you are getting the best speed possible (and products like the VPN Accelerator certainly help), sometimes things are going on within a user’s network that further slow down the Sabai VPN Router.

Two common causes of network speed problems are duplicate DNS servers (for example, a server running Windows Server 2012 Essentials) and duplicate DHCP servers (such as a second local router). Either of these can clash with the VPN router settings and cause slow speeds.

If you are running a Windows Server, disabling DNS is simple. From within Server Manager click where it says ‘Manage’ (top right next to the notification icon) and click ‘Remove Rolls and Features’. You should then be able to remove the DNS Server role. It will require a sever reboot to remove the role.

If you are running a second DHCP server, such as a second router, this isn’t as simple a fix. However, you may consider using the Dual Gateway feature within the Sabai VPN Router, in lieu of running two separate networks. If your ISP provides you with a router/modem combo, you will still need to run the modem, but you can disable the wireless in the router. This process will vary by router.

Sabai OSv5, due out soon, features an all-new Dual Gateway interface which is much easier to use and functions better than the prior versions. Stay tuned for more details on this feature and more on OSv5, due out soon!

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