Troubleshoot Tuesday: Setting Up Multi-Step OpenVPN In Your VPN Accelerator

Here at Sabai Technology, we’re always posting about how to set up your OpenVPN configuration in your router, but what about in your VPN Accelerator?  Sometimes using a VPN company that has multiple files and/or a username/password setup can get a little tricky.  We’re working on custom instructions for all of our companies and exactly what needs to be done for them, but until then, how about this little bit of information?  IpVanish, PureVPN, TrilightZone, IbVPN, Express VPN, and SmallVPN all currently require extra files other than just a .ovpn file, and/or require a username.  If you’re having issues setting up your Accelerator with any of these companies, rest assured you’re not the first.  While all of these companies are a little different, here is the basics of what you will need to get your Accelerator running seamlessly.

Setting up Accelerator with Multiple Files

  1. Get all of the files you need from your VPN Provider.  If you do not currently know how to access those files, please see the instructions that came with your router or find your instructions here.
  2. Make sure if your files come in a Zip file that you have unzipped to a place that will be easy to find.
  3. Go to
  4. Once there, click on OpenVPN.
  5. Browse to the .ovpn file for the server of your choosing.
  6. Click Sabai OS.
  7. Double check that information and make sure it is accurate then click convert.
  8. Once there, it will ask for the other additional files needed.  It could just be one file, or it could be four other files like required in this example. Those files should be in the same file as the original .ovpn file you used.
  9. Once all the files have been uploaded, click Convert.  This will download a file to your computer right away.  Normally into your downloads folder. This file has combined all required files into one .ovpn file that can be used in the Accelerator.
  10. Log into your Accelerator at
  11. Go to OpenVPN
  12. Upload the file you just downloaded from the Wizard.
  13. If your VPN Provider requires a username and password, please refer to the below instructions before starting the VPN.  You will have a few additional steps to follow before your VPN will start.  If your VPN Provider does not require a username and password, such as Express VPN and Small VPN, you can just press start here and the VPN should start up with no issues.

Setting up Accelerator with Username and Password

We have previously done a segment on this, with the instructions here:
hose instructions should work just fine for your setup, but a few note on this.  When you copy and paste the below code, take out the ” ” and reenter them.  The formatting will not be correct if you just paste straight into the Accelerator.

exec 2>&1

echo -e “username\npassword” > /home/dumbroot/myauth.txt

We understand this is quite advanced, but we have a lot of customers who would much rather do it without having to make an wait for an appointment with our Tech team.  If that is the case, feel free to use these instructions to get you all set up!  Having problems or questions?  Reach out to us at!

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