Troubleshoot Tuesday: Will a DD-WRT Router work with a VPN Accelerator?

VPN Accelerator by Sabai TechnologyIn the nine months or so that Sabai Technology has offered the VPN Accelerator, hundreds of the mini computers have been shipped all over the world. For customers who want to get the best possible speed out of their VPN setups, the VPN Accelerator is a must-have.

The VPN Slow Down

Consider this scenario: Let’s say your local internet speed is 20 Mbps in Germany. You want to be able to watch American Netflix, so you add  VPN connection to tunnel your traffic back to New York. Using VPN directly on your computer still gets 16 Mbps, but the problem is you really don’t want to watch Netflix on your computer, you want to watch it on your Smart TV.

So, you get a Sabai VPN Router and run your VPN connection through the router instead of your computer. This allows you to use VPN with your Smart TV and other networked devices in your home. But, even an RT-N66U WiFi VPN Router will slow your connection speed down a bit more, to maybe 12 Mbps – because even the most powerful VPN Router is still not as powerful as a computer. Your wireless VPN speed might still be plenty fast to watch Netflix, but you miss the speeds you used to have!

Overcoming Speed Issues

The answer to overcoming the majority of the speed slowdown is to purchase a VPN Accelerator, which will overcome the bottleneck caused by the VPN Router (it will not overcome limitations placed by your ISP on VPN traffic or make your network faster than your local connection.) Because the VPN connection actually runs on the VPN Accelerator but routes traffic through the Sabai VPN Router, it provides the speed advantages of running a VPN on the computer with the networking advantages of running VPN on a router. The best of both worlds!

Sabai Customer Care is asked all the time whether or not a VPN Accelerator will “help” a certain network setup. The best way to test what kind of speed results can be expected from a VPN Accelerator is to run your VPN directly on a computer and do a speed test. The VPN Accelerator will be able to match or exceed these speeds.


Customers also ask if they can use a VPN Accelerator with a DD-WRT router. The VPN Accelerator was created to work specifically with Sabai OS, so the answer is no. However, if you enjoy your DD-WRT router for VPN, you will love Sabai OS for all its advanced functionality and features. Plus, the setup is incredibly easy compared to DD-WRT.

If you have more questions about Sabai VPN Routers or the VPN Accelerator, contact Sabai Customer Care by e-mail, chat, or phone. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8  am – 5 pm EST.


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